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Make Up & Food: K-Palette Sweet as Chocolate Make Up Demonstration @ Sasa Jurong Point & Taiwanese Food @ JEM

K-Palette Sasa Singapore

Thanks to Michelle, I got to attend K-Palette’s Sweet as Chocolate Makeup Demonstration, an event exclusive for Sasa members! It was held super early on a Saturday morning at 9am, with a mini-reception from 9:00am – 9:30am. As usual, the train decided to act up and kept being delayed at stations as “another train is still at the next station”, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it! Luckily Shurong informed the organizers that I would be held up, and I was allowed in after running unglamly from Boon Lay Mrt station to Sasa. Haha

K-Palette Makeup Demonstration Event Sasa Singapore

This campaign aims to introduce K-Palette’s fall make up trend – brown eyeliners and eyebrow, which is a softer colour option compared to black. It gives the wearer a less harsh and striking look, ‘softening’ the eyes and giving a ‘sweeter’ look. The K-Palette team specially flew from Japan for a period of campaigning in Singapore and here we have Ms. Aya Umehara, a K-Palette MUA to demonstrate the different looks!

K-Palette Makeup Demonstration Event Sasa Singapore

Ms Aya also taught us another method of drawing our eyeliner – separating the ends instead of connecting them. This way of drawing lifts the ends of the eye and lengthens it.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa Singapore

Some lucky participants managed to get Ms. Aya to help them draw their eyeliner! The eyeliner step indeed needs quite a bit of practice. You just have to keep doing it until you get the hang of it. Haha but the best part is, if you just dare to take the first step, you’ll eventually be able to draw your eyeliner with ease. Trust me.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa SingaporePhoto courtesy of Michelle.

I’m so happy to have met these 2 bubbly girls at a previous make up workshop and it’s interesting how fate works. When you’re able to click with the person, you just feel so comfortable with him/her even if you guys had known each other for a few weeks. Lol.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa Singapore

Us with our goody bags from the event. Thank you K-Palette and Sasa for hosting the event! :)

After that I decided that I wanted to go visit JEM, the new mall at Jurong East. It’s once in a blue moon that I am at the West part of Singapore and hence I must make use of the opportunity to go, otherwise I don’t even know when I will ever head there again!! Haha

JEM Tracy Einny Blogshop

We went into Sephora, where we went into endless chatter about the beauty and make up products. Went clothes shopping at Tracyeinny, where Michelle bought a dress. Then we had lunch at Lee’s Taiwanese! We were attracted by the aroma while walking past.

Lee's Taiwanese Pig Intestines Mee SuaMichelle ordered the Pig intestines and Meat ball Mee sua ($10), which was silky and flavourful.

Lee's Taiwanese Food at JEM Pork Belly RiceI took the challenge and ordered the Pork Belly Rice ($12), which I normally WOULD NOT order because it’s so fattening! Haha but surprisingly the pork belly did not give me a queasy feeling, my only lament was that the rice was too mushy so it didn’t give a nice bite :(

Dining at Lee’s Taiwanese was a little pricey, and my rice bowl didn’t wow me but Michelle liked her Mee sua, so I guess there are ons and offs. However there were many people eating their Chicken Chop rice ($12) so I think that’s a specialty.

Lee’s Taiwanese is at:

JemĀ (Short walk from Jurong East MRT station)
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-05/06 Singapore 608549
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-10PM (Everyday)
Tel: 6694 1588

What a wonderful Saturday spent! :)


Notice: My giveaway of BIONIKE’s skincare products has ended! :) Thank you to those who participated, I will announce the winners very soon! <3


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