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Beauty Review: Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller

Do you suffer from puffy eye bags or dark eye circles? I do, especially when I stay up late (for no reason) or if I spent the night crying along to soap dramas, my eyes would swell up to be like goldfishes’ eyes the next morning. Hiak hiak alright, I’m exaggerating! Actually my eye bags are somehow always there due to lack of sleep, and I’m happy to try new eye creams/serums to help alleviate the puffiness.

Trivia: Even eating too much salt can cause the retention of water in your eye bags, so take a pass on those potato chips!

As for dark eye circles, who doesn’t want to look bright-eyed and cheery? If you ask me, I think having dark eye circles is more of a concern than having puffy eye bags. At least in Korea they’d think you’re a beauty with eye bags, but you risk being mistaken as a zombie if you walk around with dark eye circles. And it is those dark eye circles that invite questions like, “Omg what happened to you? You didn’t sleep?” from your colleagues/relatives.

But heck, why don’t we solve two problems at one go?

Introducing the newest yet-to-be-launched eye-care product joining the Olay White Radiance range, the CelLucent White Eye Roller!
20130812-001246.jpgThis is unlike any other eye roller, as it has a unique tri-roller applicator that helps to massage the eye area more comfortably and effectively.20130812-001633.jpgIt is also very user-friendly as you can actually control the amount of serum you want to apply by clicking the back of the applicator pen. This prevents wastage due to leakage or unintentional rolling of the metal balls. I really love the tri-rollers! More on that later!20130812-002712.jpgAfter clicking once or twice, this little amount of serum will appear at the rollers, and trust me, it’s enough. I don’t like to apply too much product around my eye area, and I will even divide this little amount between both my eyes.


Heh doesn’t it look interesting?
Then I will proceed to dab the serum onto my under eye, then massage by circling the applicator around my eye socket in one direction about 10 times for each eye. This helps to drain excess liquid away from the eye bags.


Go around each eye 10 times with gentle pressure.
Another thing I like is that the metal roller balls are somehow always cold to the touch even though placed in room temperature. The slight coolness of the roller balls provides comfort and relief for my tired eyes as I do the massage, and at the same time, reduce any swelling.

20130812-003720.jpgThe applicator pen is very easy and convenient to use as I don’t even need to get any product on my fingers! On the skin, the serum feels very light, and gets absorbed completely in an instant with massaging, leaving behind a silky smooth texture. No greasiness, no stickiness, just that soft and smooth texture which is really pleasant.

After using it for several weeks, I’ve noticed that my dark eye circles are indeed slightly lightened, and more even-toned. I require less concealer under my eyes to hide the darker shade. It used to be worse. As for my puffy eye bags, haha, they are a little more persistent. But I have to say that the massaging really helps to drain the excess liquid, so I guess what’s left in my eye bags are fats! Haha :)

Thank you Cozycot and Olay for this handy eye serum! :) It’s a great pick-me-up when my eyes are feeling tired.

To catch when the Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Eye Roller is going to be launched, stay tuned to: Olay Singapore FB

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