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Beauty Event: V10Plus Anti-Ageing with Dr. Elias Tam – “One Miracle Drop for Your Precious Skin”

Last Saturday I was invited to V10Plus Anti-Ageing media event and treated to a presentation on ‘Ageing and Aesthetics’ by Dr. Elias Tam. I was thrilled that the founder of V10Plus, Ms Akiko Yokota, was present as well! I invited Michelle along with me. Events are more fun with friends!

v10 plus Japanese Skincare event with Dr. Elias TamYou’ve probably seen them somewhere. I am so attracted to the colourful bottles and more so interested in the efficacy and promises of the miracle serums. Yup, V10Plus is a Japanese skincare brand that has managed to penetrate into the beauty markets of 16 countries, with its Philosophy of

“Beautiful skin = clean, bright, shining skin even without any make up”

Fann Wong is a fan of V10 Plus Serums!Fann Wong is reportedly a fan of V10Plus serums, maybe that’s how she keeps her skin fair and glowing on screen! Besides that, the brand is also recipient of many awards.

What does V10Plus mean??? I’ve always wondered why they chose such a generic name. However, V10Plus is the essence and reminder of what the brand is about.

V10 represents TEN plus points:

  1. No Paraben
  2. No Artificial Colour
  3. No Mineral Oil
  4. No Chemical Fragrance
  5. Water Based
  6. Customized serums for 10 common skin problems
  7. Dermatologist-tested
  8. Visible results in just 10 days
  9. Colour Therapy from Colourful Bottles
  10. Made in Japan

v10plus Japanese Skincare event with Dr. Elias TamV10Plus is also the beauty sponsor of Miss Singapore 2013 and Mrs Singapore 2013! There’s no doubt that it’s an internationally acclaimed and recognised skincare brand.

Dr Elias Tam gave an informative presentation on the process of biological ageing, and what we can do to slow the process down via aesthetic procedures. He mentioned filler, botox, face lifts, laser treatments etc. Dr Elias actually conducts lessons for doctors! It was an honour to have attended his ‘lecture’ :)

One thing he told us that stuck with me was that, “If you do a temporary treatment (such as fillers/botox), the side effects, if any, would be temporary. But IF you do a permanent procedure, such as face lift or plastic surgery, if anything goes wrong, the results are permanent too.” Oops.

He also cautioned the use of cosmetic products that contain mineral oil, however, mineral powder is safe and in fact, he recommends using mineral powder makeup. Mineral oil ≠ Mineral Powder.

Photo with Dr EliasA photo with Dr Elias Tam, who asked me to consider removing my freckles. Teehee. My freckles were inherited and he told me that those are the easiest to remove with a laser treatment! I used to think that since they were inherited, I could just leave them be, but to my horror, do you know that if you don’t apply sunblock religiously, your childhood freckles can actually grow bigger or multiply?

Photos with Candy from and Ms Akiko Yokota :)

v10plus Japanese Skincare event with Dr. Elias TamInterested to know what’s in my goody bag? Stay tuned to find out! Like Mypeaceofheaven on Facebook or Follow my blog via email to get updates :)Untitled-1


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