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Facial Review + Giveaway + Readers’ Promo: Discover Your Skin’s Potential At Kéring Skin

Kering Skin SingaporeLast week I was invited to Kéring Skin for a customised facial treatment. It is conveniently located in Orchard International Building, next to Shaw Orchard. Recognise the cute TCC outlet? Yup it’s that building behind!

Kering Skin Singapore Take the lift up to Level 7 and you’ll arrive at a professional looking beauty salon.

Kéring Skin SingaporeKéring Skin is a play on the word ‘Caring’, and the people there are serious in providing quality service coupled with a genuine intention of helping customers improve and maintain optimal skin conditions- the best that your skin can achieve.

Kéring Skin Singapore Dr Renaud Nobel-Prize Award Winning Facial Treatment Review

They have specially brought in Nobel Prize-Winning Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s line of products from Canada. Laboratoire Dr Renaud not only centres its values on promising the best of science and nature’s best ingredients, the award-winning brand is also proud of its commitments to the consumer in the following ways:

  • Refusal to use several ingredients such as parabens, synthetic perfumes and colorants, mineral oil, alcohol, formaldehyde
  • Reduced concentrations of preservatives
  • Strict selection of ingredients
  • Products not tested on animals
  • Results tested by clinical studies conducted under dermatological supervision and by independent laboratories


My treatment starts…

Kéring Skin SingaporeThe treatment begins with analysing your skin conditions with a Korean-imported skin analysis technology that provides you with a detailed mapping of your skin conditions.

Kéring Skin believes that everybody’s skin condition is different, and it is important to address the individual skin’s needs instead of just performing a general facial treatment.

Click to enlarge.

Here’s my skin map. The upper photo is under normal light, and the bottom one is under UV light. Hahah I got a shock when I saw my face under UV light. Like a bloated ghost! But the use of viewing your skin under UV light is more than just attempting to scare yourself; it actually reveals the hyperpigmentation spots that are underneath your skin, those are the ones that will appear in a few year’s time if you do not address your skin’s needs promptly. And yes, I found out that I have several of them. :( Boohoo.

Kéring Skin Singapore Rosa-C3 Anti-Redness and Soothing Facial Treatment Set

Kéring Skin Singapore Dr Renaud Hydrascience AHD3 Multi-Hydrating facial treatment set

After analysing my skin condition, Kelly, my aesthetician, prescribed a combination of Dr Renaud’s HydraScience AHD3 Multi-Hydrating and Rosa-C3 Anti-redness and Soothing treatment sets. By now you should have figured out my major skin concerns: EXTREME DEHYDRATION AND SENSITIVITY leading to redness around my nose and forehead!

I love how Kéring Skin allocates a whole complete Dr Renaud treatment set to each individual customer, so you can be sure that you’re not actually sharing with someone else nor using left-overs!


Kéring Skin Singapore Dr Renaud customised facial treatment review

The whole treatment took about 1 hour and 15 minutes with the following steps (I tried my best to record down, haha but I think I might have missed some steps).

1) Cleansing

2) Rosa-C3 Treatment coupled with Cold Steaming: Bubbling sensation on the skin to kill bacteria and prepare skin.

3) Hydro massage: Soothing facial massage to relax skin and open pores.

4) Light Extraction: Tolerable pain level of 2/5.

5) Application of 3 layers of Hydragel: Addresses the concerns of each skin layer.

6) Relaxing head, neck and body massage: I was really impressed with this feature because instead of just a customary 5 minute facial lymphatic drainage massage, it was a very comfortable 15-20 minutes of head, neck and body massage!

Kéring Skin Singapore Dr Renaud customised facial treatment reviewFace after treatment. Omg my foreheadddd! Haha you know how they always tuck your fringe under the towel? Everytime after a facial my hair becomes funky and my forehead is revealed… -.-

Can’t really tell my skin’s complexion from this photo, but it felt extremely soft and cool to the touch! Thanks to the HydraScience AHD3 Multi-Hydrating treatment. And Kelly’s exclamation of “Your skin is renewed!” made me feel so happy and relieved that my skin’s rescued from all that late nights and not masking for several weeks. Yikes! Kelly pointed out that my skin is sensitive around my nose area, and true enough, it was very easily reddened and irritated. The Rosa-C3 treatment targeted that concern.

Do you know that to keep your skin hydrated, masking is absolutely necessary? Drinking water does not hydrate your skin! <—- Confirmed by a dermatologist.

Kéring Skin Singapore Subrina Liew

With Ms Subrina Liew, the Founder and Relationship Manager of Kéring Skin. We really hit off when she shared with me the vision and culture of Kéring Skin, in which they don’t believe in hard-selling and forcing customers to buy packages. Aren’t we all terrified of that – where they trap you in a tiny room and not let you leave until you bought a package?!

Well, at Kéring Skin, they strongly believe in providing a “consultative approach rather than depending on hard-selling tactics.” They do not want to be those beauty salons that eventually become notorious because customers do not feel comfortable returning at all.

This attitude I think, is very admirable. And it is THE WAY to do business. Why conform to the norms of cutthroat spa business tactics when you can do it your own way? I believe under the lead of Ms Subrina Liew, Kéring Skin has a bright future!


Facebook Giveaway for Fans!

Now here’s the exciting part! To kick start a series of promotional activities, you’re automatically a winner of a Dr Renaud Travel Set + Korean Skin Map Analysis if you one of the first 50 people to fulfil all four conditions below:

1) Like Kéring Skin on Facebook

2) Like Mypeaceofheaven on Facebook

3) Share Mypeaceofheaven’s blog post on FB to let your friends know of this giveaway!

4) Post a comment on Kéring Skin’s FB Page “Thank you Kering Skin for the Dr Renaud Travel Kit! <3”

Dr Renaud Free Sample Giveaway

***That’s not all, get your friends to like your comment and the top 3 comments with the most likes win a COMPLIMENTARY full Nobel Prize Dr Renaud facial treatment!***

So yes, join the Facebook contest cuz it’s a sure-win. The Korean Skin Map was very helpful for me as I learned that my skin is very dehydrated and now I focus my skincare on hydration more than anything else! Find out how to address your skin concerns appropriately.

Prizes are redeemable and collected at the Orchard outlet. For new customers only. While stocks last.

Giveaway ends when the 50 prizes are all redeemed! Act now.


WAIT, there’s more!

mypeaceofheaven Kering Skin Singapore facial review

Kéring Skin’s first-time trials for their Dr Renaud Facials are priced at $68, but here’s what Mypeaceofheaven readers get to enjoy~

A 1-FOR-1 $68 PROMO For Mypeaceofheaven readers!

Bring a friend along for free when you tell any of the Therapists, “Hi, I got to know Kéring Skin from Mypeaceofheaven!”.

Subrina mentioned that they decided to do a 1-FOR-1 promotion because people are usually hesitant to visit beauty salons alone for the first time, in case they find themselves outnumbered by therapists who coerce them to buy packages. So BRING YOUR FRIEND ALONG, and split the cost with him/her! Where can you find such a good deal? Nobel prize facial treatment leh.. If you’re wondering if you can bring your boy/male friend along, yes, they have men’s facial too!

ShabbyBlogsDividerGHere’s more information:

Kéring Skin | Kéring Skin FACEBOOK

Address: 360 Orchard Road, #07-07A International Building, (S) 238869

Telephone: +(65) 6737 7797 <—- You can call to enquire.


I hope you girls will enjoy the experience as much as I did at Kéring Skin. It was one of the best facials treatments I had. I really appreciate their culture and I hope more people will know about them! :)

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Thanks for reading, Xoxo.Untitled-1


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