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Fashion Event: New Look Bloggers’ A/W 2013 Styling Challenge + 10% off Discount Code!

[Fashion Post] New Look Singapore Suntec City Everytime I walk past NEW LOOK I would peer in with desire. Why don’t I go in and take a look? Haha that’s because I don’t want to give myself false hopes. What if I saw something I really liked but couldn’t get it!? And I don’t want to just go in and try a dozen of clothes and not buy anything in the end! So.. I spare myself all the heartache and would just walk away.

sad GIFWhich is why I jumped at the opportunity when contacted me for a chance to pop into NEW LOOK to take part in a mini-styling and blogging contest! :D Oh my gawd, how fun that would be! I was like:

happy gifSo despite having to wake up earlier and spend an hour to travel down to town, I jumped out of bed and made my way to Suntec City, where NEW LOOK’s newest outlet is!

[Fashion Post] New Look Singapore Suntec City

There, we met two lovely ladies who introduced us to NEW LOOK’s Autumn/Winter ’13 collection, and gave us some styling tips for our mini- challenge later on.

In Autumn, people layer their clothes to keep the chilly winds out. But what can we do in Singapore! If the layers are too thick, we risk getting heat stroke. Luckily, the clothes from NEW LOOK are pretty comfy and light, so that we can layer and style them to our liking.

For Autumn/Winter 2013, NEW LOOK has three collections to offer:

1. Baboushka

With pieces made up of rich colours, luxurious fabrics for winter, and traditional folk motifs, the ‘Baboushka’ collection is a modern interpretation of the Russian maiden. The key colour tones are burgundy, teal, and navy, which are perfect for autumn. Expect statement jackets made with faux-fur and elaborate knits, that instantly creates an opulent look when layered with russian-inspired printed tops.

2. New Model Army

Clean lines and structured silhouettes from the ‘New Army Model’ collection projects a powerful and bold message that says don’t-mess-with-me. It is simple, yet added details like sheer sleeves, faux-leather panelling transform casual staple pieces to statement pieces that are easy for everyday wear. The collection is primarily monochrome, with a pop of accent colours like scarlet and cobalt. Monochrome is ‘in’ this season, so I predict that this collection would be very popular.

3. Grunge

Exude cool, carefree confidence with distressed jeans, oversized checkered shirts, and graphic print tees from the ‘Grunge’ collection! Layering with several pieces keeps things casual yet effortlessly edgy. Studs, chains, and spikes are key details that toughen up the outfit. This collection includes pretty, ultra-feminine highlights such as muted floral prints to capture the true spirit of 90’s Grunge.

Which is your favourite collection? Mine’s New Army Model as I like the crisp lines and monotone palette!

shabbyblogsdividere.jpgBloggers’ Styling Challenge :D

Then, it was time for the exciting challenge! Janet grouped us into teams of 3 and I was glad she did so, because most of the bloggers who attended the event didn’t know each other!

That was how I met my team mates, Estelle and Meryl :D Both very quiet and sweet girls. Meryl picked our theme and we got ‘Grunge’! In my head I was like, “Oh my gawd, we are so not grungy!” Hahaha.

Bloggers at NEW LOOK SingaporeThe entire process was too hectic to try to take any photos, because we were only given 20 minutes to put our look together! Imagine going through the store, looking for clothes, accessories, and shoes to put together a look that you’re tasked with. Total freedom, you can pick anything~ :D

Put girls with clothes, shoes and accessories, we will just go crazy. WE WANT EVERYTHING.

After a gruelling 20 minutes, here’s what my team mates and I came up with, featuring Estelle!!

[Fashion Post] New Look Fashion Singapore Suntec CityWith Estelle and Meryl.

[Fashion Post] New Look Fashion Singapore Suntec CityI’m so proud of ourselves to be able to put together this ensemble that looked totally like something Estelle could wear on a normal day to school! :) Casual, comfortable, and grungy. I adore that the peekaboo pockets from the overalls matched the checkered shirt that we put on her. AND that pair of shoes! Really brought out and cemented the entire outfit. I give ourselves 8 out of 10! Hahaha. If I was younger and funkier, I wouldn’t mind wearing this at all.

But unfortunately we didn’t win the mini styling contest that day and another team, with Eileen as model won with their theme of Baboushka!

[Fashion Post] New Look Fashion Singapore Suntec City

Gorgeous ain’t she! Dressed up to the nines to Baboushka Opulence, the team cleverly matched prints with prints. And even though it was all prints, they weren’t clashing, and Eileen’s height allowed the outfit to not look choppy on her frame. And I love the clutch she was holding on to. You probably couldn’t see it from the photo, but it was all shimmery with diamond studs. Nice finish with the blazer as well as it brings the outfit from high street fashion, right to the runway. I think they totally deserve the win! Congratulations! :D

Bloggers at New Look Suntec City SingaporeHere are all the contestants! There were so many different interpretations of the themes Baboushka, New Army Model, and Grunge created by the team challenge. Can you guess which model belonged to which theme?

Bloggers at NEW LOOK Suntec City SingaporeEveryone who attended that day. :) It was really fun to try my hand at styling and meeting other bloggers as well. Really gotta thank and NEW LOOK for this opportunity!


shabbyblogsdividere.jpgMypeaceofheaven X New Look (make-myself-happy) Lookbook

Nope, my day didn’t stop there!! I didn’t leave immediately after the event. How could I?? Now was the best chance to have a legitimate reason to do what I’ve always not dared to do – try on lots of clothes and even take pictures in them! You know how you aren’t allowed to take any photos in fashion stores? And there would usually be long queues at the fitting room? On that day, NEW LOOK allowed us to take photos in store, and best of all, there was no queue at the fitting rooms cuz it was still very early.

So guess what I did? I went around the store, picked out some numbers and compiled my own NEW LOOK lookbook! Haha. Nothing fancy here, just something I did to entertain myself. Just enjoy ok?

Mypeaceofheaven x NEW LOOK Autumn 2013 Lookbook

There’s no winter in Singapore so this lookbook is named “Mypeaceofheaven X NEW LOOK Fall/Autumn Lookbook”. Haha I’m so happy to find clothes that fit me!! The striped pants were from the teens section, and is only sale for only $16.90 (if I’m not wrong)?? More on the sale below. And the shoes, the shoes were so beautiful! $49.90 each. If anything, I would say my MUST-HAVES are that pair of ankle strap heels.

NEW LOOK really has a huge range of shoes to die for. You must have seen the rows and rows of heels/pumps/booties/sandals/wedges on the shelves. Tell me which woman can resist that?

[Fashion Post] New Look Singapore Suntec City Pretty sandals for you?

Here’s more from their new collections.

[Fashion Post] New Look Singapore Suntec City

[Fashion Post] NEW LOOK Autumn 2013 Collection

End-of-season SALE: Up to 50% OFF!

You really gotta visit their stores because there’re so much more! They are also having their End of Season SALE where a lot of things are going at 50% off. This is a fantastic deal because end-of-season means you get Summer/Spring collections at 50% off – clothes that are perfect for everyday wear in Singapore! ^.^


Mypeaceofheaven Readers get 10% OFF regular-priced items! and NEW LOOK collaborated to give readers a 10% discount on regular-priced items! This is your chance to get pieces from the Autumn/Winter Collections, so what are you waiting for? Simply quote “OMY Bloggers” at NEW LOOK stores when making payment! :D This promotion is valid from  14th – 30th September 2013.

Here’s what in store for you! Click to enlarge.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 2.55.17 PM

Take a look, if you see anything you like, head down to any of NEW LOOK stores! Have fun! :)

More info: New Look Singapore FB Page

New Look, Ion Orchard

New Look, Suntec City Mall

New Look, 313@Somerset

New Look, Tampines 1

New Look, CityLink Mall

New Look, Bugis +

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