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Beauty Review: Step by Step Skin Care Routine with Sensé – Beautiful Science

Rarely do I have the opportunity to try out an entire range of products from a skin care line. This is the best-case-scenario, because when products from the same line work with each other, they produce optimal results for your skin.

Which was why I was excited to experience the full set of Sensé (pronounced as ‘Sohn-say’ in French) when my friend introduced the brand to me.

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana

Products in the set:

  1. Gentle Daily Cleanser
  2. Hydrating Toner
  3. Rice Bran Polisher
  4. Perfecting Essense
  5. Daytime Protective Emulsion
  6. Night Renewal Creme
  7. Nutritious Cream Mask
  8. Eye Nourisher

Sensé boats a special patented Self-Preserving Technology that keeps the contents free from additives such as unnecessary chemicals and parabens that are widely used to preserve cosmetics. That’s right, all Sensé products are paraben-free and great for sensitive skin!

Well, there are so many products in a line, do you really know in which sequence to use them? ;) Here’s how I use the Sensé products. I’ve split my routines into DAY-TIME, NIGHT-TIME, and SPA-TIME.

Day-Time Skin Care Routine

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Gentle Daily Cleanser and Hydrating Toner

Step 1: Cleanse

The Gentle Daily Cleanser is a moisture-rich, soap-free gel which is applied on a dry face first. After massaging the gel, water is added bit by bit to lather into a smooth liquid. What I like about the cleanser is that it does not strip moisture away. My skin felt smooth, cool and cleared of impurities after cleansing. This cleanser can remove make up too.

Step 2: Tone

One of my favourite products from this line is the Hydrating Toner. A toner is actually very important in skin care, but many people skip this step. A toner helps to remove impurities that were not thoroughly removed by the cleanser. But the most important function it has would be to balance the skin’s pH after cleansing. Balancing the skin’s pH back to its normal levels will allow the skin to better absorb the subsequent serums and creams.

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Perfecting Essense

Step 3: Serum

The Perfecting Essence is very helpful for sensitive skin as it reduces sensitivity and itchiness by strengthening the skin’s immune system. The best thing I love about this Sensé line is that it really helped with my sensitive skin. The redness on my forehead and the sides of my nose was greatly alleviated when I was using Sensé.

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Rice Bran Polisher

Step 4: UV Protection

The Daytime Protective Emulsion has a rather rich texture, with active ingredients such as ginseng and gingko. But it boasts a Regenisomes™ enzyme technology that helps speed the skin’s recovery from environmental damage.

“The Regenisomes technology in Night Renewal Crème and Eye Nourisher works deep in the upper layers of the complexion, optimizing your skin’s natural cellular recovery process and helping repair the appearance of environmental damage.”

Night-Time Skin Care Routine

I like to spend more time on the night-time routine because skin regenerates when we sleep, so why not give it some boost? :) For night-time, I exfoliate with the Rice Bran Polisher, and use the Night Renewal Cream instead of the Day-time Protective Emulsion.

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Tone

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Rice Bran Polisher

Step 3: Exfoliate

The exfoliator in this line is a Rice Bran Polisher that smells so good like cereal! In later pictures you’ll be able to see little rice beads in the cream. These mini rice beads polish the skin to reveal smooth and luminous skin! Papaya extract dissolves away dead skin cells that build up on the surface.

It is SO IMPORTANT to exfoliate! Without it, your skin might appear dull, flaky, and uneven due to unsynchronised shedding of skin cells.

Step 4: Tone AGAIN!

Yup yup, that’s right, apply toner again to balance the pH back to normal after exfoliating. I’ve found that using this toner helps with my red and sensitive patches of the face.

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Night Renewal Creme

Step 5: Night Renewal Cream

Night creams are a god-send. Who doesn’t love waking up to smooth and glowing skin?? I personally am a huge fan when it comes to night creams that promise to aid the skin’s regeneration process while we sleep. The Night Renewal Cream has the Regenisomes™ enzyme technology to boost cellular recovery to mend the appearance of ageing. It also contains shea butter to moisturise and soften skin.

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Eye Nourisher

Step 6: Eye Nourisher

Lastly, I would apply a pea-size of eye serum.

Spa-Time Skin Care Routine

For a more pampering session, I would apply mask twice a week, sometimes even thrice, when I feel that my skin is suffering from all the late nights. So 2 out of 7 nights, I would do the Spa-time routine instead of the Night-time routine.

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Tone

Step 3: Exfoliate

Step 4: Tone

[Beauty Review] Sense Skincare Usana Nutritious Creme Mask

Step 5: Applying Mask!

I am a huge fan of Nutritious Creme Masque. It is a clay mask that draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil. The cream is also rich in vitamins, and plant extracts to detoxify pores and smoothen skin. It definitely works to refine pores and firm up the skin as I literally could see that my pores were smaller after using it. It’s my favourite product from Sense and definitely worth the buy.


Here’s a swatch of the different creams and lotions. Click to enlarge.

Gentle Daily Cleanser – Soap-free gel. Lathers well.

Hydrating Toner – Watery liquid that is very good at lifting impurities from the skin as dirt was visible after wiping face with a cotton pad.

Eye Nourisher – Lightweight cream.

Rice Bran Polisher – Little rice bran beads gently massages away dead skin cells. The exfoliator is creamy and is not harsh on the skin. Smells very good!

Nutritious Cream Mask – It comes off the tube as a thick cream paste. It tightens up pores and firms the skin as it dries.

Perfecting Essence – Lightweight cream, gets absorbed easily.

Daytime Protective Emulsion – Mousse-like texture. Rich.

Night Renewal Cream – Lightweight and is absorbed easily.

Prices and Availability

Gentle Daily Cleanser ($31)

Hydrating Toner ($31)

Daytime Protective Emulsion ($64)

Night Renewal Crème ($64)

Perfecting Essence ($81)

Eye Nourisher ($47)

Rice Bran Polisher ($31)

Nutritious Crème Masque ($35)

My favourites from Sensé are the Toner, Perfecting Essence, Rice Bran Polisher, Night Renewal Creme and Nutritious Creme Masque. If you would like to know how you can purchase Sensé products, please email me at mypeaceofheaven [at] gmail [dot] com with your Name and Contact Number stating your interest :)

Thanks for reading! xoxo.Untitled-1

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