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Beauty Review: Getting a healthier scalp at Luxe Scalp Specialist

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Itchy scalp, dandruff, hair loss… Don’t you detest hair problems? I love my long hair, but recently I realised that I’ve been dropping a lot of strands especially during showers and combing. Sometimes I shock myself when I run my fingers through my hair and a few strands just fall off. I’m not exaggerating, it’s really difficult to tell people that I have hair loss issues, it’s just not something easy to reveal, because hair is so important! I thought it’s because of the weight of my long hair that I even contemplated chopping my hair into a short bob. I never knew where to seek help or whether salons will try and sell me expensive packages.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

This problem bothered me for a while, and when Nicole from Streetdirectory invited me to a session at Luxe Scalp Specialists at Chinatown Point (shopping mall), I felt as if I was finally gonna be rescued!! Trust me, I switched from shampoo to shampoo and even tried Kaminomoto, a hair growth essence. I’m just short of trying to apply XO onto my scalp (does it work?). Haha! And finally, I’m heading to a scalp specialist salon to figure out what’s wrong! =D

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Merlyn greeted and introduced herself as my therapist. She’s really good, if you do visit Luxe, you can ask for her. We did a scalp analysis (just like how they do it to your skin at facials), and took several magnified photos of my scalp and hair roots. I’m not sure if I wanna show how my roots look like, but if I do, you’ll know at the end of this post. :S My scalp was identified to be oily, hair roots clogged, and unable to breathe. Yikes.

I’m gonna run through the procedures of the entire treatment – it took a whopping 2 hours! But time passed very fast as I was relaxed and happy during the session. Here goes!

The Luxe Scalp Treatment

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

High-frequency therapy

Helps to detoxify scalp and kills germs, and also helps cells to regenerate. It feels like having little electricity zapping at your scalp – haha a most peculiar feeling. But after that my scalp certainly felt energized (haha).

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Revitalising Comb Massage

The massage with the wooden bristles said to awake lethargic pores.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Anti-Bacterial Hair Wash

Cleanses away the day-to-day dirt deposited on the scalp. It was a very thorough wash with scalp massage. Merlyn also reminded that we should use our fingertips to rub our scalps instead of using fingernails to scratch while washing!

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Ginger Tonic Application

The tonic helps to open up the pores and also stimulate the hair follicles.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Lemongrass Essential Oil on Hair Ends

Softens the hair and prevents hair ends from dryness. Smells strongly of lemongrass.

Unique Herbal Hair Mask

A unique concoction of Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic herbs is mixed into a scalp mask to penetrate into your pores and send nutrients that strengthen the hair follicles. This is the good stuff. Merlyn said that if you have trouble with white hair, this mask will turn the white roots brown so you don’t have to dye your hair (try and tell me if that’s true)! For this, the salon is quite popular with uncles and aunties aged >40. The mask is also individually vacuum-packed to ensure hygiene standards.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Micro-mist Hair Steam for 30 minutes

Steaming opens up the pores to allow the herbal mask to penetrate better. 30 minutes seem long, but Merlyn provided me with some up-to-date magazines and I was happily reading away! Luxe also provides iPad mini for you to surf the web if you like. :)

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Hair Bath and Thai Rice Neck and Shoulder Massage

Next, it was a thorough hair bath for deep cleansing of the scalp. And do you see the green bag on my shoulders? It’s a bag of heated Thai Rice and the warmth really soothed my tensed muscles. Merlyn also gave me a shoulder rub to smoothen out the kinks in my muscles. This is to improve my blood circulation to the scalp.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Apply Tonic for Hair Loss

Origin Luxe carries their own brand of tonic for various hair concerns and I was given the Hair Loss Tonic to promote hair growth.

[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

Infrared Heat Therapy for 15 minutes

This machine looks like there are tentacles reaching over to engulf your head, but no worries, it doesn’t move and it is not hot. What it does is to boost tonic penetration and eliminate persistent bacteria on the scalp.

That’s the end of the whole treatment, can you see how my hair transformed from lifeless to soft and health-looking in just 2 hours?? I must say that I was pretty amazed and satisfied with the service and treatment process.

We did another scalp analysis at the end of the treatment and the results were convincing.

Before – My scalp was oily and pores were visibly clogged due to buildup of dirt and grease over time. Plus loving to eat oily food and stress also play a part to having an oily scalp. It’s not that I don’t wash my hair okay!! I wash it everyday! But Merlyn advised me to use an Oil-Control Shampoo from now on.

A healthy hair follicle is supposed to have 3 strands of hair, from mine you can see that some of my follicles only have 1 or 2 strands, which means that the rest have already dropped out. :(

After – My hair follicles are cleared of the grease and able to breathe! A healthy hair follicle is supposed to have a deep sunken hole. I felt that my scalp was really clean. Merlyn said that with continual proper cleansing of the scalp, more baby hairs are likely to grow out :)

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[Review] Hair Fall Solutions at Origin Luxe

You know on average, each individual loses about 80-130 strands of hair per day. Usually people will only realise that they are balding when they’ve lost about 50% of their hair. Once the pore closes, it is unlikely to grow new hair. Do not reach this last stage as it might be too late to recover back all your hair!!

Each strand of hair can stay in our scalp for 2 – 6 years and our hair roots are able to produce about 25 cycles of hair. If hair fall is too frequent, the root will reach its end cycle earlier in life and that’s when permanent balding occurs.


Origin Luxe offers customised scalp treatments for different problems and their packages are also reasonably priced. The best part? NO HARD SELLING. This is the kind of establishments that I love. So no harm going for the trial, because at least you know that you won’t be coerced to sign a package.

Here’s a discount code for Mypeaceofheaven readers!

“Quote ‘Zoe 123’ to enjoy the above Luxe treatments (everything I blogged about) for only $15!”

(U.P $150) This trial is valid for first-time customers only. Phone appointment is required. Valid till 30th November 2013.

Wheet! Such a good deal. I’m already asking Hammy to go so he can enjoy a relaxing scalp treatment too. :) Thank you Nicole for the invitation and Luxe Scalp Specialists for having me!

Luxe Scalp Specialists:

133 New Bridge Road
02-28 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059418
(Beside link bridge)

Please call +65 6702 0777 for appointment and also check out their website – – for more information!

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