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Life: Random musings on Birthday Personality Readings.

You know how confusing the world gets? There are many things that I don’t understand, like why humans like to hurt each other, or relationships/ friendships can just sour. I cannot control how others behave, the only thing I can do is to understand myself better and manage my own emotions. As they say, Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it, I have learned how to let go many things, just so I can live more peacefully.

I try to tune in to my inner self when things get rough, it’s how I heal and renew. I’m all for self-improvement and love self-help books. I also like to read stuff like horoscopes. I’ve read so many of them and most of them sound pretty much generic and all the same. But there’s this BirthdayPersonality.Tumblr website where it gets so amazingly accurate.

Birthday personality tumblr

Go ahead and click on the website, find your birthdate, and read some chillingly accurate description about yourself. I find it crazy that such detailed analysis can be derived from just the birth date alone. Mine is so true. My sister says hers is so true. Hammy is intrigued as well. And we read some other people’s and we thought it was all SO TRUE.

Reading all these made me ponder if how people behave are the result of the universe’s energy at that exact moment when they are born, like somehow their destinies are already fixed. Whether they would be a leader, a thief, a person prone to affairs, a person who revolutionises how we live… is it all predestined from the time of birth?

The horoscope clearly points out the best and worst qualities, and this is why people are not exactly like each other; there are varying degrees to how you turn out.  I feel that you’re kinda ‘fixed’ and given the same ‘ingredients’ as someone whose birthday is on the same day as yours…  But, then environment plays a part, which is why you can be the best of your birthday personality, in the middle, or show all the worst traits all at once.

All these.. they are so intriguing. Plus does anyone out there know about Numerology? Not so much of the simple ‘Life number’, but the complicated calculation of your birth date and year to get forecasts on how you’ll fare in life. That gets so much better, and so bloody accurate too. In my previous workplace at NUS, my supervisor is well-versed in Numerology, and she can tell what sort of a person you are just by looking at your birthdate (which is kinda freaky), and she uses that knowledge to her advantage. I’m not discounting the probability that employers look at your birthdate more closely than you think.

But what I took away from reading all these horoscope profiles is that some people are mean or evil because they are simply at the worse end of their given traits. But they have the ability to move to the better spectrum of themselves, just that it takes a bit more self-awareness to continuously work on being at the better end. For every birthday profile, there’s the good and the bad. Which end are you at?Untitled-1


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