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Facial Review: Mordecai Skin’s Fruit Acid Peel + Complimentary Facial Giveaway!!

Being a Streetdirectory blogger has its perks. Last Thursday I was invited down to Mordecai Skin for a facial treatment. It is humbly situated near Ang Mo Kio central. I am pretty familiar with the area as I studied in Anderson Junior College and it only takes me 30 minutes to get there. Super convenient :)

Mordecai facial for men, friendly and professional staffMr Lam, Aiko, and Josie were there to welcome me, they are such a friendly and warm bunch of people!! I felt utterly pampered and comfortable in their hands. From the vibe I got from their interaction, there’s trust and respect between each other and everyone was like a big family. :) Here’s what I learned from being a blogger and meeting people from all walks of life; when the people are genuine, you can truly feel it.

More on Mordecai

They actually specialise in facial treatments for men! I was curious as to why they use male models on their website and was told that 90% of their clientele are males! It was the first time that I’ve come across a salon that specifically addresses male skin concerns.

At Mordecai We Seek To Provide

1. Genuine, and responsible recommendations for service and products.

2. A comfortable treatment (no sales talk during treatments, yes we know how annoying that can be)

3. A fair and transparent pricing.

My treatment went like this…

As you can see from the pictures below, I was having a terrible breakout with giant, red, angry pimples. After pondering and discussing over my condition, Aiko and Josie decided that I should undergo a Blemish Clearance Renewal Treatment utilising fruit acid.

Fruit Acid Peeling

Actually I’ve been facing thick dead skin build up for some time now and I find that my pores are very easily clogged. Fruit acid peel can remove the layer of dead skin and reveal the healthy skin beneath.

Mordecai Singapore Facial reviewThere are different acidity levels of fruit acids and I was given the lowest (20%) as I had never done it before. There was a slight tingling sensation when she applied the fruit acid onto my face. It is normal. Throughout the peeling, both Aiko and Josie were by my side to monitor the reaction of my skin to the acid. It is important that this procedure is carried out by professionals as you do not want to go overboard.

Once they saw that my skin was becoming slightly red, Aiko wiped the acid off with a neutralising agent to stop the action. This step has a hot and burning sensation, however it is bearable. And I did not worry as I was constantly kept updated on my skin by Josie. :)


Mordecai facial extraction reviewMordecai strongly believes in the extraction step because when the pimple gets angry and infected, it is very difficult for it to heal on its own. Many salons skip on the Extraction step because it is 1) time-consuming, 2) it is difficult to get experienced aestheticians who are good at extracting. 

I was terrified of the extraction step as I experienced a painful extraction just two weeks prior to my visit to Mordecai (at a salon that I did not blog about as I wasn’t satisfied with the service). The aesthetician at the other place also gave me scars as you can see above… :( I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to put my face through the pain again. But after voicing out my concerns for multiple times, Aiko promised that she will be very gentle.


**I was very very satisfied with Aiko’s professional hands as the pain level was like a 2/10, compared to a 9/10 at the un-named salon! I was literally wincing and tearing during the procedure at the other salon, but with Aiko, my mind could still drift away thinking about replying emails etc… Haha. And I am very happy that my pimples have subsided after this facial! :D Amazing. You know how they say if your extraction isn’t painful, your aesthetician isn’t doing her job? That’s nonsense! At Mordecai, my extraction wasn’t painful and yet it achieved the results.**

Detoxifying and Killing germs

mordecai facial review salon for men

After extraction, my skin was reddish at several areas. Aiko proceeded to do a detoxifying procedure for me and after I saw this photo Josie took of me, I was amused to find out that it’s like the same machine that Origin Luxe used for my scalp treatment! Hahaha. It also had the same zapping feeling.

Essential Oil Facial Massage

Mordecai facial review. Streetdirectory blogger

The pure facial oils that Mordecai uses are from London and do not contain Lancolin, Mineral Oil Artificial fragrance , or SC alcohol. The massage was relaxing! I was also given a head massage.

Menthol Cooling Mask

Mordecai facial review mask for men

Finally it’s time for the last step, MASKING! Haha I think out of all the photos of me above, this is the best-looking one cuz you can’t see my face at all. Lol. Can you tell I was trying to smile here? I really was!

The menthol mask was cooling and soothing to my face after all the procedures that I’d done.

Mordecai Streetdirectory blogger facial review

Right after the mask. Finally all done! :D

My face immediately after the facial treatment. TOLD’ YA I WAS HAVING A BAD BREAKOUT. YIKES >.<

It is normal for the skin to be reddish (my cheeks and chin area) after  a fruit acid peel, but most of the redness will subside after a few hours. :)

Note: After a peeling procedure, you’re advised not to stay in direct sunlight and to use a sunblock as the skin is very sensitive over the next few days. This is because the top layers of the skin are not immediately removed during a fruit acid peel, but instead peel off over the subsequent few days. So I would recommend doing this procedure 3-4 days before going for a big event :)

8 hours After Mordecai’s Facial

No make up… Most of the redness had gone down.

Day 3 After Mordecai’s Facial

Mordecai Streetdirectory blogger facial review

Promise no photoshop!

I am so pleased with the results!! My pimples have healed, subsided and lightened! :D My skin tone is brightened and more even. Thank you Mordecai! I can’t be any more happy. Thank you Mr Lam, Josie and Aiko for the hospitality and dedicated service :)


Mordecai Facial Giveaway on MypeaceofheavenNow you can experience the same for yourself for FREE (type of treatment depends on individual diagnosis)! Win one of 5 complimentary vouchers just by following the easy steps:

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Giveaway ends 17th November 2013. Open to males and females! You have to be able to visit the salon in Singapore.

As I’ve mentioned, Mordecai caters to males’ skin too, so if any of your male friends/boyfriends/brothers/cousins are having troubles with their skin, give Mordecai a try! I promise they don’t judge. Haha. AND NO HARD SELLING. <3

Just like they said on their website,

Here in Mordecai Skin we specialize in the treatment of male skin conditions. We understand that not all man who seek treatment for their skin conditions are necessarily vain, and in fact most of our clients just want to be seen and be remembered for who they are and not the skin conditions that plague them. We believe in offering a fair price, at a pricing system understandable to man. Lets face it, men just don’t like to bargain, or to be hard sell.

Our products are from Eve Taylor, they are organic and comes in a wide range to suit the different skin conditions, this means that we can provide optimal result to our clients without causing skin irritation. We hope to provide a friendly service, to help our clients regain their confidence and to empower them to manage their skin conditions on their own.

Here’s a map on how to get there courtesy of Streetdirectory.

Streetdirectory map Mordecai Ang Mo Kio

Mordecai is Located at:  Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-4214 (S) 560728

Tel : +65 6456 0900
Email :

For more information: Mordecai Skin Website | Mordecai Skin Facebook

Do remember to like Mypeaceofheaven on Facebook to enter the giveaway and get updates on more events and reviews :) xoxo.



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