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Event: Fidé Fashion Week 2013 – Moiselle | Germain

[Event] Fide Fashion Week 2013 2013 is a year full of opportunities for me. First it was Singapore Blog Awards then next thing I knew, I was off to attend Fidé Fashion Week – my first ever! Major thanks to PoachedMag for the tickets! I gladly invited Zah along and we were both bursting with excitement.

This year’s Fidé Fashion Weeks was held at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall F, Marina Bay Sands.

[Event] Fide Fashion Week 2013 Photo credits to Jaslin

And guess who I bumped into! Jaslin from! She’d just recently won Best Fashion Blog out of hundreds of contenders in Singapore Blog Awards 2013, and you can count on seeing more of her OOTD posts now that she’s newly graduated and going full steam on blogging. :)

And boy did she come to my rescue by lending me her spare SD card as I stupidly forgot to bring mine out! A friend in need is a friend indeed. I was still feeling a little disappointed that I wasn’t gonna have any photos from fashion week!

[Event] Fide Fashion Week 2013 But… in the end I didn’t manage to take many photos as I borrowed Hammy’s Canon DSLR for the event and I wasn’t familiar with it. (noobs). I didn’t want to use Auto as I didn’t want the flash blinding the people around me, and the models were walking so fast down the runway that the lens couldn’t focus. Then I figured that I should be using manual focus instead of auto focus. (dang). Okay, I shouldn’t be boring you with these nonsense!

[Event] Fide Fashion Week 2013 Zah and I seated with our drinks. We were wowed by the set up, adorable mini building facades were lined up to form a ‘street’ where models strut down. The setting was complete with street lamps and autumnal trees.

[Event] Fide Fashion Week 2013 During the break. we met photographer Qashrul Hidafi, who was faithfully stationed at fashion week.

Here were some looks that were presented on that night’s runway~


Fidé Fashion Week 2013 - Moiselle Fidé Fashion Week 2013 - Moiselle Fidé Fashion Week 2013 - Moiselle Fidé Fashion Week 2013 - Moiselle

Founded in 1997, MOISELLE is an international high fashion brand renowned for its stylish and exclusive designs, high-quality fabrication and exquisite craftsmanship. –

What I remember most vividly from Moiselle were the flowy, embellished dresses that brought about feminine silhouettes. Luxurious sequins and beads sewn on skirts in intricate designs that created a flirtatious sophistication.


Fidé Fashion Week - Germain Fidé Fashion Week - Germain Fidé Fashion Week - Germain Fidé Fashion Week - Germain Fidé Fashion Week - Germain Fidé Fashion Week - Germain

Germain is from Paris and they focus on bringing luxury to the every-day fashion by putting emphasis on the quality and wearability of chic and original creations. Versatile, modern and stylish, Germain’s pieces are pretty minimalistic in my opinion.


Fallin’ head over heels…

There’s a first time for everything and I’m so glad my first fashion week experience was such an eye-opener. The few weeks where people come together to celebrate fashion and the creative work of designers, and the vibe was all too amazing.  It’s really easy to fall in love with such splendour; it’s almost addictive. I can’t believe what I’d been missing out on all my life! Lol.Untitled-1

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