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Beauty Review: V 10 PLUS Collagen Serum & Luminous Series Brightening Cleanser

[Review] V10Plus Serum and Luminous Series Brightening CleanserFinally! These were the goodies I received from the V 10 PLUS Media Event some time back, you can read all about it here.

[Review] V 10 Plus Collagen Serum & Luminous Series Brightening CleanserAs it was an Anti-ageing workshop, they complemented the theme by gifting the Collagen Serum to fight wrinkles and improve the skin’s elasticity, and the Luminous Series Brightening Cleanser to brighten up tired, dull skin!

V 10 PLUS Collagen Serum

[Review] V 10 Plus Collagen Serum & Luminous Series Brightening CleanserThe collagen serum is derived from fresh Sea Bream’s scales. It also contains marine elastin that can help regain soft skin and suppleness. Collagen decreases rapidly after our 20s so replenishing collagen in our body is a good way to maintain youthful looking skin.

The small bottle comes with a dropper for you to dispense a small amount of product for each use, as not a lot is needed. I find that this method is also very hygienic as you will not contaminate the contents in the bottle. The formula is lightweight, with a watery smoothness and is instantly absorbed into the skin. You know how some wrinkle creams might be too creamy and rich for younger skin (20s or 30s)? I feel that this is just right, as it targets wrinkles and fine lines while not being overly rich. Sometimes over-nourishment can be detrimental as well.


The result is pretty subtle, but evident. I can feel that my skin feels smoother after a period of continuous use. I think the results will be clearer for matured skins. I also realised that my pores are smaller (which is the reason why skin feels smoother), so just for this point alone, I really like the Collagen serum. I’m still using it after toner and pre-essence, and there’s only 1/4 left.

Luminous Series Brightening Cleanser

The Brightening Cleanser is made of creamy foam and lathers very well. It also removes surface dirt and oil.

[Review] V 10 Plus Collagen Serum & Luminous Series Brightening Cleanser

As you can see from the photos above, I used the Brightening Cleanser on my left hand. The results are almost too good to be true, I swear I did not photoshop one hand to be lighter than the other. There was also nothing blocking the light from shining on my right hand. You can almost see that my left hand looks smoother and that’s right, more luminous.


The results are pretty amazing. There is indeed brightening of the skin when I used it on the face. However, I find the cream foam to rather drying on the face. I personally prefer bubble foamy washes as they are not so harsh. Also, my current concerns are of clogged pores – white heads and black heads – while brightening is secondary. But if you’re looking for a brightening cleanser for dull and pigmented skin, this is worth a try :)



V 10 Plus Christmas Party 2013

V10 Plus is hosting a christmas party this December in conjunction with the launch of the LX skin care series! Expect lucky draws, magic shows and a goody bag worth $220 for every participant! Price of ticket is $50 and part of it goes to the hearing impaired. A few other bloggers and I will be there:) So see you!

Please email to reserve your Seat Now to For more information, visit V10Plus Facebook.

Thanks for reading! Do remember to like Mypeaceofheaven on Facebook for more reviews and event write-ups :) See you there!


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