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Life: Feeling silly about myself

This is going to be a rambling post about the fact that I think I made a fool of myself on TV.

SO one fine day, I was having brunch with Hammy and this advert (that has me in it) came up on TV. It’s the advert for Channel 8 x Sephora Foundation Rehab workshop a few weeks back. It was really enjoyable and you can read about it here. Channel 8 approached Ashlyn and I after the event to just share our thoughts on the Sephora Foundation.

I watched in horror as Hammy laughed his ass out. Hahaha Oh my god, I sounded like a bimbo, especially with the hand action. Zzz… that’s something that I have to take note of, when I’m excited or nervous, I somehow always end my last word of the sentence on a higher note. It happened in my previous videos ( too.

I couldn’t bear to watch myself lah. Haha The more I watched, the sillier I felt. Hammy made fun of me for the whole day!! And especially when I showed my sister, she chuckled too!! Oh my god. I need to dig a hole and hide now.

To improve on my speaking skills, I shall make at least one video a month. What do you think? HahahaUntitled-1

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