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Beauty Review: DRx Clinic #2 – Skin improvements after 3 weeks…

Hello! You’ve probably been waiting for this and here it is – my improvements in skin condition after three weeks of using DRx products!! On my first consultation at The DRx Clinic, I was prescribed a set of Dermal-Rx products that target my skin concerns. I blogged about them in this post:  FIRST CONSULTATION AND DERMA-RX PRODUCTS.

Drx Clinic review

For three weeks, I’ve been using the products Day and Night religiously without fail and I’m very pleased that my skin is now better than ever! Let’s see what improvements I’ve experienced and a few of my favourite products:

1) Brightening of Overall complexion

I’ve noticed an overall brightening and improvement in my complexion! Before I started on DRx, my skin looked tired and dull and only brightens up after that occasional facial treatment. But after starting on the DRx regime, thanks to the Max-C and Tinted Sunscreen, my skin has developed a certain healthy glow.

Max-C from Drx Clinic

Max-C fights free-radicals and is applied to the whole face for an overall brightening effect. Being a strong anti-oxidant, it is also an effective anti-ageing product!

Tinted sunscreen from Drx Clinic

Tinted Sunscreen provides a little bit of coverage and is PERFECT on days when I don’t want to apply too much on my face. It gives a powdery feel and glowy finish. I like how it doesn’t shine too much to the point of looking oily like how some sunscreens are.

2) Reduction in Pore Size

Drx Clinic review Drx Clinic review

I had large and unsightly pores on my T-zone that couldn’t be hidden away even with makeup. So my makeup would look pretty bumpy, especially on the nose, which was just horrible! And you can actually see visible tiny blackheads on the entire nose. After starting on the regime, the blackheads and whiteheads are cleared and my pores are starting to get a chance to close up. Gotta thank the Comedone Formula for that!

Comedone Formula from Drx Clinic

The Comedone Formula is one of my top favourites! It prevents comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) from forming by melting the dirt, softening it and dislodging it from the pores. Hence the pores are thoroughly cleansed during washing and more able to close up over time, instead of having dirt clogging and enlarging them. I will recommend this to people who are suffering from clogged pores, it is very helpful.

3) Lightening of Pigmentation (Pimple Scars)

Drx Clinic review Drx Clinic review

Hate post-pimple-pigmentation!! Frequent breakouts have led to recurrent scars. I always had to use concealer to hide the pigmentation. But now I find that I can almost skip the concealer step. Both photos show my skin without any makeup at all and you can see that my pigmentation has lightened a lot! Major thanks to the X Cream and Strong Lightener cream.

Lightening cream from Drx Clinic

The X Cream and Strong Lightener are two small tubes of lightening cream. Not much is needed that’s why so little is prescribed. I just dab a dot on the hyper-pigmented spots, and the scars lighten over time. Very useful on post-pimple marks, but I found that they are not as effective on freckles.

[Beauty Diary]

After 3 weeks of the DRx skin care regime, I dare say that my skin is better than ever before. And the best thing is that IT IS CONSISTENT. Skin feels clean and pores feel unclogged. Makeup goes on better, and stays longer. No more unsightly scars! I’m very grateful that I’m able to improve on my skin texture and really thank DRx Clinic and Dr. Yanni for it. I feel more confident when talking face-to-face with people and can be assured that my makeup isn’t streaking, or that giant pimple is peeking through (because I hardly have any pimples now!). Thank you DRx for this amazing experience :)


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