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Crafting with Canon PIXMA: DIY Photo Calendar

Can’t. Wait. To. Get. Crafty. With my brand new Canon PIXMA photo printer!!! And isn’t she gorgeous in that red shade? She’s my favourite machine/device in the house (after my sewing machine). Haha! Hammy and I were so excited to have a photo printer in the house cuz he’s an avid photographer and has fantasised about printing his prized photos out since forever! For me, I reckon the scanning function will greatly help in my making of bag patterns for Beary Naise business. :)
DIY photo calendarBut apart from all that anticipation, I went a little crazy when I found out that Canon has this website where they provide LOTS AND LOTS of printable resources.

The link is:

It’s called Canon Creative Park, and from the website, you can download and print a whole lot of things like 3D animals, buildings, and awesome stuff like pretty scrapbooking backgrounds and cartoons. If you’re a scrapbooking fanatic, you ought to get a Canon PIXMA printer and print your own templates and designs! Imagine the endless possibilities!
DIY photo calendarHere’s what Hammy and I did for our first craft adventure with the Canon PIXMA – a PHOTO CALENDAR which he designed on Adobe Illustrator. The photos are of my awesomely cute cousins and grandparents in Canada and it’s a great gift for them! :) Lucky my uncle is flying over next week so this little DIY calendar will be delivered in safe hands.


  • Printed Calendar Cards x 12 months
  • Printed Calendar Stand x 1
  • Glue
  • Scissors

DIY photo calendar Hammy made these calendar cards on his own, but there are ready-made ones on the Canon Creative Park as well! (Just check it out here: Calendars)

DIY photo calendar DIY photo calendar DIY photo calendar

Next download a printable calendar stand, cut it out, fold it, glue it up, and there you have it – a lovely photo calendar that’s sure to delight :)

DIY photo calendar

DIY photo calendarFor more information and more tips and ideas on what you can do with a Canon PIXMA photo printer, please visit  where 10 bloggers have been tasked to showcase their crafting abilities! :)

I’mma go and have some more fun with my printer now, so stay tuned to my next ‘Crafting with Canon PIXMA’ post k! :D Subscribe via email on the right or LIKE on Facebook to be updated! Thank you!



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