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Crafting with Canon PIXMA: 3D Stegosaurus

In our second crafting with Canon PIXMA and Canon Creative Park, we decided to bring the challenge up a notch by choosing a super difficult 3D model to build. We knew we wanted to build a dinosaur, but which? Haha in the end we chose the coolest-looking one with all the spikes and plates, which is the Stegosaurus!

Canon Creative ParkDo you know your dinosaurs? Which is the Stegosaurus?

Canon Creative ParkFirst thing we did was to print the parts out from Canon Creative Park, a website where they have lots of printable resources! Be it 3D animals, buildings, greeting cards, you can find crafty things there to fully maximise your Canon PIXMA printer.

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3D dinosaurs printable Canon PIXMA

The next thing we did was to cut out every single piece of the dinosaur parts. There were about 54 single parts to be cut out for the Stegosaurus, Hammy and I almost died doing it. But little did we know that cutting was the easy part. Putting them together was really challenging!

3D dinosaurs printable Canon PIXMAAfter one day, the dino’s butt surfaced. Hahaha.

After two days of piecing the Stegosaurus together, we finally finished with the most fun part, which is to add the spikes on its back. When we reached that stage, it was a huge sigh of relief because the front part of the body was really quite hard to fit together. There were parts you must fold, parts that you must connect together.. But luckily all printable 3D animals come with instructions!

3D dinosaurs printable Canon PIXMAOur first 3D dinosaur! Triceratops next, maybe? Hahaha

For more information and more tips and ideas on what you can do with a Canon PIXMA photo printer, please visit  where 10 bloggers have been tasked to showcase their crafting abilities! :)

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