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Support SG Bloggers: I take pride in my work!

Do you have a good impression of Singaporean bloggers? Do you think we are really serious in what we do or are we doing this just because we want fame and freebies? The recent incident of the blogger asking for a free haircut and then threatening to ‘bring down’ the name of the salon when the owner ‘did not reply on time’ really put a stain on the image of bloggers. BUT, not all bloggers are like that!

I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities that come my way and really, there’s nothing more blessed in the world than doing what you love and being recognised for it. I believe it’s a two-way relationship when brands collaborate with bloggers to generate positive word-of-mouth. The brands leverage bloggers’ influence and social presence, while bloggers are duly recognised by readers to provide first-hand news. That being said, there is no free lunch in the world and I think both bloggers and brands should have a good discussion on what is the appropriate remuneration and desired outcome of the collaboration..

supportsgbloggersTo encourage Singaporeans to see blogs in a positive light, and to promote the value of blogs, is part of the #SupportSGBloggers movement initiated by The Influencer Network (TIN). Together with 10 other bloggers, we have created a short video to emphasise the reasons and motivations behind our love for blogging, and how we treat our work with respect, and hope that you do too! :)

The 11 bloggers in the promo video are (from left to right):

The bunch of us met at Sun Ray Cafe last saturday to film the video, and it was really fun! Very glad to be able to meet the bloggers whom I see online in the flesh that day. Hehe for me, it was an honour to be in the video with so many well-known bloggers!!

Watch the video now!

If you feel that blogs are a part of your life and you love what we are providing (e.g. quality reviews, tips, news), do support us in either of the three ways below!

1) Share the Publicity Video on Facebook and Social networks

2) HashTag #SupportSGBloggers on Twitter and Instagram

3) Sign the cause at (our target is 1000 signatures! Please do show your support!)

‘This is a very timely and meaningful movement to get Singaporeans’ support on our craft. I have been blogging since 2007 and I take pride in attending events and launches, and bringing up-to-date information to all my readers. I see my job as an important one as it affects my readers’ decisions in all areas of their lives. I blog to see things differently and I hope Singaporeans can see the hard work we put in as bloggers’. – Hong Peng (Hpility)

‘Participating in this video has allowed like-minded bloggers to come together for a common goal, and simply, to share our joy and love for blogging, as this unique craft has been widely misunderstood. All of us have a deep passion and mission for blogging and we ensure our blog entries are professional. We hope Singaporeans can come forward to show us their support in this regard’. – Wee Heng (Aspirantsg)

Thank you for your support! We love what we do, and hope you do too! :)Untitled-1

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