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Lifestyle: Visit The Roof Top for Vintage Gifts

Vintage shop in Singapore

If you’re heading to City Sqaure mall at Farrer Park Mrt, don’t miss out on a new shop on Level 4, just beside the revamped food court. Hammy and I were in for a surprise when we visited the food court for some Korean cuisine because previously the whole space was cordoned off.

Called The Roof Top, the open-concept store stocks a myriad of vintage gifts and goods, things that you’d never thought that they still exist. It looks like most of the household furniture/items on display are for sale, so I think people who have a penchant for old-school 60’s to 80’s flair will love this place. Heck, even for people who don’t usually lean towards the vintage side, will love this place, just for memories’ sake.

Besides gifts, household items, they also sell some really nice clothes. What I’ve shown here is just 1/8 of what they have in the store.

Love for Vintage

Roof Top City Square mall Vintage gift ideas Vintage gifts in Singapore Childhood treats. Childhood sweetsHammy was absolutely drawn to this pushcart stall peddling all of the childhood snacks and sweets that we’d one time or another begged our parents for. And he didn’t hesitate to snag some of them home!

Childhood sweetsDo you remember having them? Do children nowadays still get to eat these stuff?

Time is of essenceI set my eyes on this watch ($8) whose strap wraps three times around the wrist. Love it.

Do visit the shop if you’re at City Square, you can’t miss it.

The Roof TopĀ #04-33/36

6636 7898

City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539


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