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Life: Mini Gingerbread men for Christmas

My sister and I had so much fun this Christmas eve baking gingerbread cookies at Mei’s house! ┬áMei’s my bestie and she’s super spontaneous. Few days before Christmas, she whatsapped me, “Wanna bake gingerbread men for Christmas?”, and by evening I was at her house. She’s always so random! But thanks to her, we had such an enjoyable time.

Gingerbread men baking for christmasIt was my first time baking cookies and so Mei took charge – after all, she was the one who found the recipe on the net.

xmas7 xmas8I thought the mini gingerbread men were perfect! Bite-sized, and you won’t feel like a psychopath having to break the limbs one by one. Besides that, we also made bears, trees and cats.

xmas9Fresh out of the oven!

xmas16Our makeshift ‘factory’ producing prettily decorated and delectable gingerbread cookies!

xmas10 xmas13 xmas11Check out some of the designs! The nicer and more creative ones were drawn by my Mei and my sister. Can you spot the football players? There’s even a ghost. Hahaha all too cute!

xmas17Our cookies turned out tastier than expected! Loved the hint of ginger and cinnamon. I hope everyone have had a blessed Christmas and here’s wishing you a happy new year. :)



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