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2014 is going to be my milestone.

I’m kinda envious reading my friends’ declaration of their milestones and successes in the year 2013 on Facebook. For me, it wasn’t as smooth-sailing nor successful, although there were a few little achievements. For a few times in 2013, I fell into this dark murky place where it felt like I’m a good-for-nothing and will never achieve anything… but with each setback, I find a greater desire and push to make things work. This time, the fire to do what I have set out to do, burns inside me more brightly than ever. When you’ve been at rock bottom, the only place you can go is UP.

fall down seven times, stand up eight

“I will not be beaten. I will not let anyone convince me that I cannot.”

it’s still early to say that I will achieve it this year, but I’m going to dream big anyway. Just that this time, I am going to turn dreams into plans – something that I regret I didn’t do previously. I was half-hearted. I allowed people’s criticism to get to me… I lost focus, got distracted. I worried about failure, I felt that I could not hold on to my dream anymore… I should just get a normal life, like everyone else… I was this close to giving up.

These thoughts will be replaced by, what can I do to develop my business further? What are my next steps? What designs can I come up with? If you don’t already know, I am talking about my own craft business, Beary Naise.

decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it

You will hear more of Beary Naise this year; see what I do, and what I can do. 2014, I will make you my milestone. Thank you for standing by me and giving me courage to carry on. Let’s work hard together.



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