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Review: AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX drink

Have you ever considered taking collagen drinks as a beauty supplement? We all know that the levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid start declining as early as in our 20s. And since collagen is too big a molecule to be absorbed through our skin, we can probably turn to capsules or drinks to help replenish our collagen levels from the inside!

Recently, I tried AFC Japan’s Tsubaki Collagen DX drink and was rather pleased with its overall ‘feel’, in terms of taste and convenience.

Review: Japan AFC Tsubaki Collagen DX drink

How does the AFC Tsubaki Collagen DX work?

It is a proven high performance formula combining 10,000mg Micro-collgen peptides, 500mg Royal Jelly, Tsubaki Bio-Cell Activator, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin Bs and C.

And in the long-term, it promises to deliver 5 essential beauty benefits:


Review: Japan AFC Tsubaki Collagen DX drinkI received a 10-bottle pack, which means a 10-day supply. For the first month, it is recommended to take one bottle daily, then for the subsequent months, 1 bottle on alternate days for maintenance of firm and translucent skin.

Review: Japan AFC Tsubaki Collagen DX drink


I feel that with collagen drinks, it’s really hard to determine if there are any improvements as after it goes into the body, you can’t see what goes on inside. The good ingredients have to pass through the gut, be broken down, and then absorbed by the body to be re-assembled into collagen again. Perhaps that’s why oral beauty supplements usually take a longer time to show visible results, and 10 days might be a little too short for a good review on whether my skin has experienced the 5 benefits promised! Therefore, I’m going to rate the collagen drink in terms of taste, convenience and pricing to help you to decide if you want to take it for the long-term! :)

Review: Japan AFC Tsubaki Collagen DX drink

Taste: If you’re gonna take the collagen drink for months as a supplement, the taste’d better be good! I can’t imagine doing it if I have to force myself to drink something awful every night. If you’ve tried collagen drinks, you might have noticed a strange ‘fishy’ smell and taste in it. THANKFULLY, the Tsubaki Collagen DX does not have that! In fact, it tastes like a berry drink and one of the better tasting ones that I’ve tried before. I actually look forward to drinking it.

Convenience:  Very convenient as it is already bottled as a drink, as compared to collagen powder where you have to mix it into a drink on your own. For the latter, I find it more difficult as I don’t drink green tea/milo/coffee everyday, and mixing the powder into plain water makes the water taste pretty icky. With the Tsubaki Collagen DX drink, I can just reach out for one in the refrigerator and treat myself to a chilled nutritional tasty drink!

Price: $59.90 for 10 bottles. One month (30 days) = $179.70. For some people, that is an acceptable amount to pay for a monthly beauty supplement. Furthermore after the first month, the amount is halved as the dosage reduces to 1 bottle on alternate days. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try?

Tsubaki Collagen DX is available in Watson, Guardian, John little and selected department stores.

Hope my review helped! For more information and description of Tsubaki Collagen DX drink, please visit

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