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DRx Clinic #3 – Follow-up and Deciding on Laser Treatment

Drx Clinic review

Time flies! I’ve already been using Dermal-Rx skin care products from The DRx Clinic for 1 half months and my skin has been really clear so far. No major pimples, no flaky skin, and minimal blackheads/whiteheads. All I can say is DRx is working really well for me!

DRx Clinic Review - Mypeaceofheaven

2nd Consultation

I went back for a 2nd consultation with Dr. Yanni for follow-up. The follow-up is an evaluation on whether any changes to the skin care regimen is necessary (check out my prescribed regimen from the first consultation!). Dr. Yanni wanted me to voice out my concerns for my skin before she proceeded to give her professional comments, which I think is quite endearing cuz I get a say in what improvements I would like to see for my skin. I told her that the regimen is working great; my severe pimple marks have been lightened,  skin brightened, and pore size greatly reduced. However, my freckles around my cheekbone are still there, and I would like to see more improvements in my skin texture. Still haven’t got that baby-smooth skin, but I’m almost there!!

Dr. Yanni’s words…

Dr. Yanni agreed that my freckles are a little stubborn, and I have mild rosacea (a skin condition characterised by redness and small visible blood vessels near the surface of the skin). This is really common among Asian women and I was very relieved that she said that what I have is a very mild form. She also asked if my T-zone gets oily easily and I replied yes! Totally forgot about that because usually I just use tissue to dap and it doesn’t really bother me much.

Skin problems don’t go unsolved at The DRx Clinic!

After we pointed out the areas that can be improved on, Dr Yanni gave solutions to all the concerns raised. I was to continue on my usual routine, except to reduce the usage of Strong Lightener, and to include a new addition.

Oily T-zone: I was prescribed a newcomer in my beauty routine. Dermal-Rx’s Blemish Formula.

Freckles: Dr Yanni is going to perform non-ablative laser targeted at hyper pigmentation on my next visit.

Unsightly red blood vessels:  At the same time, she will perform laser treatment to remove undesirable blood vessels on my face.

You must be thinking what red blood vessels?! Since a long time ago, I’ve already noticed that the area under my nose, and some spots on my cheeks seem to be perpetually reddish when my face is bare. They are caused by visible tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, a symptom caused by rosacea. They don’t really pose any problems to me, but they create this sort of uneven skin tone where some blotches of my skin are forever reddish. So I was happy when Dr. Yanni said there’s a solution to that. :)

And YES, I’m going to remove my freckles~~ More info on the Laser Treatments in my next post! Stay tuned for it if you’re thinking of going for one. I’m so excited!

Say Hello to Blemish Formula!

Blemish formula Dermal-Rx review -Mypeaceofheaven

The Blemish Formula (BF) works by controls the production of excessive sebum, in turn reducing the occurrence of blemishes and breakouts. It is an all-natural formula, and smells a little herbal.

Blemish formula DRx review - Mypeaceofheaven

Just a thin layer is required over the affected areas (in my case the T-zone). It is a little oily upon application.


DRx Clinic Consultation Fees

If you’re planning to visit DRx Clinic, here are the Consultation Fees and Product Price List for your reference!

Senior Medical Director

1st time visit: S$80 (Adult)

Subsequent Visits: S$35 (Adult)

1st time visit: S$ 35 (Student – below 21 years old)

Subsequent Visits: S$25 (Student – below 21 years old)

Medical Director/Doctor

1st time visit: S$50 (Adult)

Subsequent Visits: S$25 (Adult)

1st time visit: S$ 25 (Student – below 21 years old)

Subsequent Visits: S$15 (Student – below 21 years old)

Consultation Package: S$200 (for all ages, unlimited visits, terms and conditions apply)

:) That’s all for now, I’m looking forward to my laser treatment! Til’ the next update on my DRx journey!

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Cheers to great skin! x



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