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Beauty Review: Luxe Scalp Specialists Natural Minerals Sea Mud mask + Oxi-wash

Origin Luxe blog review

I’m very happy to announce that Luxe Scalp Specialists has invited Mypeaceofheaven on board a long-term sponsorship after a very good response from my previous post on getting a healthier scalp  with them! Yay~~ Now my scalp can be pampered and treated with care with Luxe too, I’m so grateful for this! Dear readers who went and signed up, are you enjoying your treatments so far? Do join me as I share more on their scalp treatments and what they have to offer! Psst, I have a promotion code for you at the end!

So I went for my treatment two weeks ago – my second one with them, read my first here – and experienced the Natural Minerals Sea Mud mask and OXI-wash. Both sound really interesting, don’t they? Let’s check out how they are like!

Natural Minerals Sea Mud Mask (20 mins)

Origin Luxe scalp treatment in singaporeContinuing from my previous treatment, the Natural Minerals Sea Mud Mask was recommended to ease an oily and sensitive scalp.

Origin Luxe scalp salon in singaporeThe sea mud mask is applied directly onto the scalp and is set to dry for 20 minutes. While waiting, I used their complimentary iPad service to watch Youtube videos!!

Origin Luxe scalp treatment review in SingaporeLooks like I hadn’t washed my hair for days! Haha, and the feeling is like such too; expect a bearable itchy and cool sensation on the scalp. As it dries, it hardens and the hair becomes stiff.

OXI-wash Treatment (10 mins)

Origin Luxe scalp OXIwash review singaporeAfter the sea mud mask, it was time to wash it away with ‘normal water’ and then wash my scalp with ‘special water’ from the OXI-wash treatment. Why do I say ‘special water’? That’s because Luxe has imported this state-of-the-art technology from Korea, featuring a  water nozzle locks in oxygen, resulting in water with a higher percentage of Oxygen molecules.

Origin Luxe scalp OXIwash review singaporeDuring the washing process, oxygen is being directed into the scalp. Oxygen is an ideal element to cleanse the scalp and from the photo above, you can actually see the oils and grime (the whitish swirls) that are being washed out from my pores. The treatment also gives dead and tired pores a new life! With a clean scalp, subsequent treatment has proven to be five times more effective compared to a normal hair wash.

When I saw this picture, I was quite impressed!

Origin Luxe scalp OXIwash review singaporeThen finally, it’s a normal routine wash and a blow-dry. AND we’re done!

The entire process took about 1 hour, and was pretty hassle-free. I enjoy getting my scalp treatments done at Luxe; the consultants there are so friendly and helpful, and really treat your scalp with care. They are really receptive as well, so do voice out if you feel that they are not using enough energy or too much during the treatments. For me, I always prefer a more gentle touch. :)

Singapore blogger Origin Luxe reviewThank you Luxe for taking care of my scalp :) I’m looking forward to the next session. Here’s something good for you guys! Time to wash off all the oils and grime out of your pores!!

Promotion for Mypeaceofheaven’s readers!

Quote ‘Zoe1122’ and experience the Natural Minerals Sea Mud mask + OXI-wash treatment for just $18. And with every sign up of package (don’t worry, no pushy sales talk!), you get a Fibre Plus Leave-in Serum using the same ‘Zoe1122’ code as well. :)

– valid for first-trials only.

Useless Tips to redeeming the code: Just whisper to them, “Psst, I have this code, ‘Zoe1122’ and I read that I can get this treatment at a trial-price of $18.” Then flash a big smile. :D Hahaha or you can just show them this blog post. Lol.

Do give Luxe a call at +65 6702 0777 or visit their website if you have any queries.

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