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Beary Naise Handmade is now on Etsy!

Heyy guys! I know it’s been really long since I updated this space, but I haven’t been slacking! :) I mentioned before that, this year¬†I will get Beary Naise (my humble craft store) up and running, and I’ve been working on setting up an Etsy store. Can’t believe I didn’t do it earlier, but it’s better late than never. is this online craft community where people buy and sell handmade and vintage products. You will get lost in that labyrinth of quirky and beautiful handmade items. And their WEDDINGS section is simple orgasmic. I introduced my sister to that site and she was hooked.

So here it is, Beary Naise is now on!!!

bearynaise handmade store craft singapore

There are new products in store, and good news is that there will be NEW Products in every month! I’ll be keeping to a tight schedule of churning out beautifully handmade products, and I’m looking forward to seeing my store grow. So far, I’m loving how my store is looking. It took quite a while to iron out the unknown, and setting up a (craft) business is not as easy as it seems. As with any other businesses, there is a lot of planning to do. But that’s the thing with doing what you love – you’ll keep pushing on, even though your eyes are dried out from staring at the computer for too long, and your head is throbbing from having not enough sleep. Despite all that, you just continue… because you know that the end result of your labour is worth it. :)

Meanwhile, let’s check out some of the new items in store!

Bearynaise handmade pouch etsy craft store Beary Naise handmade pencil case etsy craft store Beary Naise handmade pencil case etsy craft store Beary Naise Handmade strawberry shaped sling bag etsy store

1. Mini Pouch in Frantic Birds SGD23.00

2. Pencil Case in Geometric Triangles SGD16.00

3. Pencil Case in Moustache White SGD16.00

4. Unique Strawberry-shaped Sling Bag in Light Blue Floral SGD46.00

Having an Etsy store makes buying and selling so much easier and hassle-free. Payment is via Paypal for International customers and Paypal/Bank transfer for customers in Singapore. YES, I NOW PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Ain’t that exciting?

Please support Beary Naise by visiting our Etsy shop or sharing our products on Facebook or LIKING our Facebook Page ( Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance, because it means a lot to me!

Till the next launch :) xoxoUntitled-1

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