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Beauty Review: My Third Visit to Luxe Scalp Specialists + Readers Discount Code!

Hey y’all! I went back to Luxe Scalp Specialist at Chinatown Point last Tuesday for my third treatment. This time, I did the same herbal mask as before. It is my favourite treatment from Luxe so far and would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from a weak and unhealthy scalp! Read all about it here: GETTING A HEALTHIER SCALP AT LUXE SCALP SPECIALIST.

Also check out my post on the Sea Mud Mask + OxiWash that is suitable for very oily scalp. Read on for a discount code for either both treatments!!

Hair loss Singapore Origin Luxe ReviewThe time spent at Luxe is always so relaxing and I can free my mind up to do some reading or watching movies on the iPad mini provided.

OKAY who’s up for a close-up picture of the herbal mask? Hmm, brace yourselves!!!!

scalp care and hair fall solution singapore Origin Luxe review

My therapist, Merlyn, does a pretty good job at ensuring that the herbal mask is well distributed onto my scalp. No parts were spared. Each customer gets a new sealed packet of herbal mask, so that ensures no sharing or mixing with another person’s scalp. Eww! And you can see that the mask mixture is thick and not watery, which is sign that Luxe doesn’t scrimp on their ingredients.

Hair fall and scalp care review Singapore Origin Luxe

The coolest step of the Herbal Mask treatment – Infrared Heat Therapy for 15 mins. This is usually done nearing the end of the treatment, and I ALWAYS LOVE the photos taken at this point. My hair looks so soft!!

Hair fall and scalp care review Singapore Origin Luxe

Now you can really tell the difference, yes? Before – my hair was pretty unruly, flying here and there. After – Scalp is soothed, nourished, plus soft and amazing hair!

(Oh, I also decided to change my parting to the other side after that day so as to let the hair on my usual parting grow back… :C It is advisable to change your hair parting once in a while. However I find it such an irritating process! The fringe doesn’t stay up and I must train the other hand to push my fringe up, and can you believe that the change in parting gives me a headache? Haha.. It takes at least 3-4 days to get used to the new parting. Now my hair’s sorta settled into a neutral centre parting, omg!)

***By the way, if you’re reading this, you get to enjoy this treatment at just $18! Simply call for an appointment and tell them that you have this code “Zoe1122”!***

The very same code “Zoe1122” entitles you to a free Fibre Plus Leave-in Serum when you sign up. 

Visit for more information or call +656702 0777 to book an appointment. :)

P.S. Don’t worry about pushy staff or sales talk. That’s what I hate the most and I will never recommend my readers to a place that uses that method. (You can tell from my anger that I have had my fair share of unhappy experiences with pushy staff, and I have since learned my lesson!!)

Enjoy your time there. <3

That’s all folks! xoxo



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