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Review: Signature Eyebrow Embroidery at Allure Beauty + Readers’ Discount

Dear peeps, by now, you’d have noticed that I didn’t quite look like my usual self in photos, especially in the Photoshoot for the Lee Cooper SS14 Campaign. Did I do something to my face? Filling? Botox? OR plastic surgery?! Gasp.

Nope. All I did was to get an eyebrow embroidery!

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeAlrighty, this was how my natural brows looked. I’ve actually never thought about doing eyebrow embroidery as my brows are quite thick and full, and I can draw the shape to whatever I feel like; flatter brows for the korean innocent look, and sharper, arched brows for the more lady-like look. When Mistical, PR for Allure Beauty, contacted me, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. And since like most reviews I read were good, I really, really didn’t think much of it and agreed. Wait, why does it sound like a bad review? Read on!

Allure Beauty, City Square Outlet

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeEyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeI paid a visit to Allure’s newest and poshest outlet at City Square Farrer Park MRT. Apart from being known for their eyebrow embroidery, Allure also provides facial treatments with cosmetics skincare brand ATACHE. But yes, I was there for the eyebrow embroidery! Mistical from AbsolutePR was there to facilitate the appointment and she’s a really sweet person! I was really intrigued by her name when I first received her invitation :)

I was introduced to my brow therapist for the day, Colynn, Principal Trainer! Let’s start with my eyebrow embroidery experience!

1) Apply Numbing Cream on brows

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeFirst thing when I reached there, I was seated down to apply numbing cream on my eyebrows. Allure does this step even before drawing on the brows so as to save on time and to avoid any drawings to be rubbed off when cleaning off the cream if drawing was done first.

2) Cleaning away of Numbing Cream after 30 minutes

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeAfter waiting for 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect, Colynn cleaned off the numbing cream and then the drawing could finally start! :) I was really excited to see how my new brows will turn out.

3) Shaping and Drawing the new brows

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeColynn shaved away stray hairs, and then began to draw my brows according to a Golden Ratio that helps to achieve a balance and proportion to the face. No two person’s features are the same, so Allure Beauty’s therapists are all specifically trained to calculate and map out your Golden Ratio from start to end of the brow, and also taking the ideal arch in consideration for each individual face.

Are you curious as to how my new brows will look like? Haha don’t show you first!!

4) The actual embroidery process

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeAfter agreeing on the shape of the brows, I was brought to a treatment room and then the process of embroidery started! Allure Beauty has a strict standard of hygiene and uses a new blade for every customer. They also blend the dye colours according to the natural brow or your tresses’ colour, so the result will not be too dark nor too light.


Overall: The embroidery process took about 1.5 hours, 30 minutes for each side. The process of eyebrow embroidery uses a blade to continuously make small cuts into your skin to place the dye. It’s almost like a tattoo! Except that embroidery deposits the dye only at near the surface of the skin, making it semi-permanent, which will fade after 2 years. Eyebrow embroidery also looks more natural, and will NEVER turn into a green shade, like eyebrow tattoo.

Pain meter: 5/10. I described it as ‘plucking my eyebrows’, but some others have said it was like ‘combing their eyebrows’ or ‘scratching the brows with a ruler’. At first the sensation was rather peculiar, then it started to get uncomfortable cuz I could feel the blade cutting my skin, but pain-wise it was desensitized. I was hoping the whole process to be over quick, but I also didn’t want my therapist to rush, so there was this inner struggle. Haha!

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeLastly: Basically I just laid there for the entire time, except for the last part where I was asked to sit up straight and Colynn checked that my brows are balanced. You know how sometimes it’s hard to judge when you’re lying down, so it’s kind of a standard practice to do touch-ups while the customer is seated up.

Close up of the newly done brows

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

Finally it was over~ I found that the strokes looked natural and well-done! Phew. My skin was a bit reddish, but that’s cuz my skin flushes easily and my DRx doctor, Dr Yanni, has said that it’s due to mild rosacea.

The Healing Process for Eyebrow Embroidery

I was given a soothing cream and instruction card on how to care for my brows for the next one week. I had to apply the soothing cream 4-5 times a day with a cotton bud. I wasn’t allowed to wash my face.. JUST KIDDING! Haha But my brows aren’t allowed to touch water at all during the next week or so! :P

Basically that’s it for the aftercare; the above steps are to allow the skin to heal and excess dye to fall off as naturally and evenly as possible, and the soothing cream helps to prevent infection.

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

Day 1-6: Nothing much happened from Day 1-6.. In all honesty, I didn’t like my brows the moment I went home and looked in the mirror. It was so different from the straighter brows that I normally draw with an eyebrow pencil.. I looked so fierce and as if I was frowning all the time, which doesn’t reflect how I’m feeling all sweet and calm inside. (HAHA pukes) Okay, so I was quite depressed and all sorts of ridiculous thoughts came into my mind.. like, oh no I’m stuck with these brows for 2 years now… I’m gonna look fierce forever..! And I was googling for things like “How long will eyebrow embroidery take to fade away?” but I got results for  “How long will eyebrow embroidery last?” <– you will get the same answer there but the angle of the question asked is completely opposite!

I even emailed Mistical and called Colynn the very next day, asking the same questions, “Is it permanent? Can I still soften the shape?” Colynn assured me, that yes, the shape can still be altered slightly during the touch up session! And Mistical reassured me that it’s normal for customers who did eyebrow embroidery to feel flustered like I did. So I decided to wait out and see…

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

Day 7-9: I was so happy that my brows finally started peeling, which means that the excess dye will also fall off soon enough. You can see from the Day 7 photo that there are patches on my brows where some excess dye have dropped off, and my brows have lightened quite a bit! By then I had already gotten used to how I look with my new arch and actually begun to like it!

Day 8: Then on Day 8 I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook just giving you guys a sneak peek on my new brows. And you friends were so kind to tell me that my new brows look awesome! And many were asking me where I had done it. Yes, now you know I did it at Allure Beauty! Thank you all for making me feel better about my brows!!
Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

After 1.5 weeks – now: All scabs and excess dye have fallen off. The colour has lightened to my natural brow colour and yippie, I don’t have to draw my eyebrows in the mornings anymore! I’m also loving how awake and sharp I look with my personalised Golden Ratio arch. I have to agree, the therapists at Allure Beauty really know their stuff! All my anxiety previously turned into a new-found appreciation for my brows. :) Best thing is, they look super natural!!!

I’ll be going back for my touch-up in the second week of March and it will be another round of dark Crayon Shin-chan eyebrows… But after going through the first session, I know that there’s nothing to be scared of and my initial anxiety was uncalled for (although I’m still hoping to soften the arch just by a little bit). Haha. Anyway, YAY to my ‘Golden Ratio Eyebrows’ and no more wasting time drawing my brows in the mornings!

If I have time, I would really want to write a post on what you should take into account when considering to go for eyebrow embroidery. How’s that? :)


Many Thanks to Allure Beauty, Colynn and Mistical!

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeHere with Mistical immediately after my treatment. Thank you for the warm hospitality and helping me take the photos during the session! See you at my touch-up session! :)

More about Allure Beauty

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

Dear Colynn, who is very friendly and caring! She’s also fantastic at her craft. You can ask for her when you go do your eyebrow embroidery at Allure :)

Established in 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon is a one-stop Eyebrow Service boutique offering basic eyebrow embroidery to creative eyebrow embroidery, Allure Signature Eyebrow, to the NEW Angelic Brows you can be assured that you will emerge from any of Allure Beauty outlets with a beautifully shaped pair of eyebrows.

With precision and professionalism, the specially trained beauty consultants at Allure Beauty Saloon shape eyebrows which help to enhance and bring out the beauty of your facial features, leaving you with an alluring and captivating look.

***Readers’ Discount Code***

Eyebrow embroidery at Allure Beauty starts from $198 onwards. Prices will vary from the different kind of eyebrow embroidery and level of therapist chosen.

Allure Beauty is keen to extend $100 OFF *Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery to Mypeaceofheaven’s readers by presenting this blog post! *Offer is only applicable for embroidery done by Senior Therapists.  

Visit Allure Beauty’s website at and check out more reviews on their Facebook Page!

ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON outlets are located at:

1. Tiong Bahru Plaza (next to Tiong Bahru MRT Station), #05-04A. Telephone: 6270 8845

2. West Mall (next to Bukit Batok MRT Station), #04 – 10. Telephone: 6898 2242

3. City Square Mall *NEW* (next to Farrer Park MRT Station), #03 – 29 / 30 Telephone: 6509 8859Untitled-1


  • Jean

    Hi I just did my brows there paid a bomb and were not given the soothing cream.. Sobs.. Was wondering if exercising/sweating will affect the brows during the first week? And how long u wait to wash ur brows with facial foam? Thanks!

    • Zoe

      Hi Jean!
      Oh dear, did they forget? Are you going to go back to get from them? Let me know if they don’t give it after you asked for it, I still have mine (but have to find where I placed it) and can pass it to you. The soothing cream helps to soothe the itch.
      And yes, it’s not advisable to sweat excessively for the first week as that will affect the brows as well. And similarly, I waited one week before I washed my brows with water and facial foam.

    • Zoe

      Hi Jean,

      I actually asked the people at Allure Beauty and they said that usually customers who purchase any eyebrow embroidery packages at Allure Beauty have to buy the soothing cream as well.. I didn’t know that as it was given to me for reviewing purposes and I thought it was given complimentary to every customer too. Sorry for the confusion… :(

  • Trina

    Hi, would like to get my eyebrows done at Allure too after reading your reviews.
    Is the “Readers’ Discount Code” $100 off still valid? This is valid only for Signature Eyebrow Embroidery?

    The $198 price which you stated is for what kind of embroidery?

    I would like to have Colynn too…she’s so pretty…requesting for her means additional charges?


    • Zoe

      Hi Trina,
      Thank you for the good feedback! It’s been six months since my eyebrow embroidery and I still love it. :)
      Sorry I don’t have the details, but I believe the $198 is the most basic kind of embroidery. The $100 discount is only applicable to the ‘Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery’ and done by senior therapists.
      Colynn has left the company already though! :C

  • yanteen

    Hi there! Is the $100 off discount still valid? And how much did you paid for your eyebrow embroidery? Looks really good and would like to get my brows done there too! Thank you :)

    • Zoe

      Hi Jen,

      I did have a good time there and the eyebrow embroidery they did for me was good, and I am still satisfied till this day. I think the one I did would cost around $1000+. However, the therapist that attended to me already left the company, so I am unable to recommend you to ask for her..

    • Zoe

      Hi Susan, don’t worry my brows are still here after 2 years! Haha, the embroidery faded a little but it was not so bad so I just dab a little brown powder to even up the shade. But I just went for a touch up round in November 2015! So the brows are renewed, will share in a new blog post very soon :)

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