1. Jean

    Hi I just did my brows there paid a bomb and were not given the soothing cream.. Sobs.. Was wondering if exercising/sweating will affect the brows during the first week? And how long u wait to wash ur brows with facial foam? Thanks!

    • Zoe

      Hi Jean!
      Oh dear, did they forget? Are you going to go back to get from them? Let me know if they don’t give it after you asked for it, I still have mine (but have to find where I placed it) and can pass it to you. The soothing cream helps to soothe the itch.
      And yes, it’s not advisable to sweat excessively for the first week as that will affect the brows as well. And similarly, I waited one week before I washed my brows with water and facial foam.

    • Zoe

      Hi Jean,

      I actually asked the people at Allure Beauty and they said that usually customers who purchase any eyebrow embroidery packages at Allure Beauty have to buy the soothing cream as well.. I didn’t know that as it was given to me for reviewing purposes and I thought it was given complimentary to every customer too. Sorry for the confusion… :(

  2. Trina

    Hi, would like to get my eyebrows done at Allure too after reading your reviews.
    Is the “Readers’ Discount Code” $100 off still valid? This is valid only for Signature Eyebrow Embroidery?

    The $198 price which you stated is for what kind of embroidery?

    I would like to have Colynn too…she’s so pretty…requesting for her means additional charges?


    • Zoe

      Hi Trina,
      Thank you for the good feedback! It’s been six months since my eyebrow embroidery and I still love it. :)
      Sorry I don’t have the details, but I believe the $198 is the most basic kind of embroidery. The $100 discount is only applicable to the ‘Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery’ and done by senior therapists.
      Colynn has left the company already though! :C

  3. yanteen

    Hi there! Is the $100 off discount still valid? And how much did you paid for your eyebrow embroidery? Looks really good and would like to get my brows done there too! Thank you :)

    • Zoe

      Hi Jen,

      I did have a good time there and the eyebrow embroidery they did for me was good, and I am still satisfied till this day. I think the one I did would cost around $1000+. However, the therapist that attended to me already left the company, so I am unable to recommend you to ask for her..

  4. Silvie

    I wonder if they do lighter colours too. As natural blonde I don’t want to be walking around with black brows. *shudders*

    • Zoe

      Hi Susan, don’t worry my brows are still here after 2 years! Haha, the embroidery faded a little but it was not so bad so I just dab a little brown powder to even up the shade. But I just went for a touch up round in November 2015! So the brows are renewed, will share in a new blog post very soon :)

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