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[Food] Yum Cha High-Tea Dim Sum Buffet!

Yum Cha Logo

High Tea Buffet Promotion (for Yum Cha Chinatown)

$21.80++ for adults and $16.80++ for children below 12

3pm-6pm (Last order at 5.30pm).

Available on weekdays (3pm-6pm) only, not valid on public holidays.

I love Dim Sum!!! Who doesn’t? When made the authentic way, the little delectable delights in mini bamboo steamer baskets are to die for! Okay ‘choi!’, don’t take the dying part in literal sense, but yeah! I just have a soft spot for Dimsum. :)

I just knew I HAD TO attend the media tasting of Yum Cha’s high-tea buffet menu at Chinatown, and it was perfect because they so generously included a plus-one as well, so I asked Hammy along. I don’t really like to attend food tasting sessions alone as I feel bad if I get to eat good food while Hammy stays at home to ‘eat maggie’. Haha but this was perfect. Thank you Ling and William for the invite! :)

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewBe assured that you will get the authentic Hong-Kong style dining experience at Yum Cha Chinatown. The push carts, wooden chairs and round marbled tables bring back good old nostalgia of Chinese tradition.

With over 80 items on the menu, customers will have plenty of choices to try all types of dim sum, be it traditional and contemporary. I want to share with you guys my favourites on their high-tea buffet menu!

– Take note of the MUST-TRIES! –

Steam Dim Sum

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewXiao Long Bao: Well marinated pork with tasty broth. Slurps.

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewFish Roe Siew Mai: Not a big fan of siew mais but this one actually have more prawn than pork so those who prefer that as well should try this!

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewFresh Prawn Rice Flour Roll: Delicious! The smooth rice rolls dipped in savoury sauce, prized with crunchy shrimps. One of my favourite Dim Sums.

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewMUST-TRY!

Scallop Pea-Shoot Dumpling: One of the chef’s special creations, this unique dumpling tastes so succulent and flavourful! 

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewBeancurd Roll with Superior Sauce: Juicy and tender shrimp wrapped in bean curd roll. This was really good as well!

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewAnother special Dim Sum.

Squid Ink Dumpling: This cute little dumpling is strangely enigmatic; instead of seasoned pork, it tastes of well-braised pork. Certainly something different and worth a try!

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewMy favourite Dim Sum! MUST-TRY!

Yum Cha Prawn Dumpling “Har Gow”: This is a must-order at any Dim Sum meal, and if not done right it can be quite a turn-off. But Yum Cha’s Har Gow is pretty good!

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewAnother MUST-TRY!

Custard bun: Heaven!! ‘Nuff said.

Fried Dim Sum

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewCrispy Silver Fish: A pretty addictive snack :)

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewCrispy Vegetarian Spring Roll: Yum Cha’s rendition of spring rolls substitutes the “mang guang'” with bean sprouts! That leads to a more crunchy bite.

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewMUST-TRY!

Prawn and Mango Sesame Fritters: This is damn awesome! The perfect marriage between sweet soft mango and tender prawns. Yums!


15Baked Mini Egg Tarts: I didn’t manage to try this because by dessert time, I was already 99% full! But it looks good!

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewMUST-TRY!

Crispy Red Bean with Banana: If you only have enough stomach space to try one dessert, this is it! Everyone present fell in love with this particular dessert. :0

Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewOsmanthus Cake: Acquired taste as it has a herby taste. But the jelly is super soft and wobbly! And frankly jelly doesn’t take up space at all, so it’s a good and light dessert to give a good ending to ALL THAT Dim Sum earlier on!

 All Photos Above credits to Tian Wen.


Yum Cha dim sum buffet reviewPhoto by William

 More About Yum Cha

Yum Cha Restaurants first opened its doors in the heart of Chinatown. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Yum Cha Restaurants offer a unique dim sum dining experience – be it for lunch or dinner. Since then, Yum Cha has expanded with two more outlets, in Serangoon Gardens and in Changi Business Park. Yum Cha Express was also established to serve the growing delivery and catering segment of customers.

Well known to many for their mouth-watering Dim Sum and have also increased the repertoire of their menu to cater to the different culinary desire of every customer. On their ala carte menu, you be able to find Tapino Hotpot and many more seafood dishes on their menu.

An embodiment of the very essence, taste and character, Yum Cha continues to be a popular icon in Singapore!

For more information, join in the conversations on Yum Cha’s Facebook at  or check out their website for more details.

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