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Event: ORBIS – Japanese Skincare, Makeup, Diet and Health!

ORBIS Singapore logoORBIS skincare review singaporeHave you seen the beautiful ORBIS’ print advertisements at Dhoby Ghaut and on public buses?

If you’ve been wondering what ORBIS is about, I would love to share with you what I learned about the brand during the shop opening event at Bishan Junction 8, where I was invited to join them in the happy occasion! :)

ORBIS skincare review singaporeOn the day of opening, a roaring lion dance attracted a huge amount of shoppers right outside the store, and after the performance, bloggers and reporters from the various press were invited inside.

Frankly, it was very crowded, and I had a hard time navigating around the shop, at the same time taking photos and avoiding huge cameras filming!

Orbis Skincare Ranges to target different concerns

ORBIS skincare review singaporeAnti-ageing Excellent Enrich range

“The EXCELLENT ENRICH series contains deep penetrating Collage, Elastin and Ceramide to thoroughly moisturize skin and restore it to its youthful suppleness.”

ORBIS skincare review singaporeExcellent White Range

ORBIS skincare review singaporeAquaforce Moisturising and Acne Clear Ranges

“Plagued by adult acne? Made with 7 types of Japanese and Chinese ingredients to help soothe, smoothen and clear up skin, ORBIS Clear series is a simple 3-step solution to your problem!”

ORBIS skincare review singapore

According to the staff, the Aquaforce (moisturising range) Lotion is one of the best-sellers, with more than 26 million sold over the world. Wondering what the phrase ‘Oil-cut’ means? It simply means 100% oil-free skincare, which is what ORBIS is well-known for!

Orbis Makeup Collection

ORBIS skincare review singaporeI also took an interest to their makeup range, which is a modest collection of creamy lipsticks, lip glosses and pastel eyeshadow palettes. Would really love to try one of those lippies cuz they look so sleek.

ORBIS skincare review singaporeSpotted their Control Makeup Base in Bright Up and Cool Green.

Tip: A Beige coloured base/concealer will brighten up areas like dark eye circles, where the yellow base will counter the bluish eye circle. And a green coloured base/concealer will hide any imperfections like pimples, where the green will correct the reddish tone. Using the right coloured base/concealers will brighten your skin and give you a more even skin tone!

ORBIS skincare review singapore ORBIS skincare review singapore

Review: Both spread out easily, and do not leave an oily residue. You can actually see a greenish tint on the right side of my hand after using the green makeup base, which will correct reddish areas like near the nose, pimples/acne etc.. The left side of the hand indeed looks brighter! The consistency is light and as if nothing is applied, but the colour change is evident.

Orbis Health Products To Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

ORBIS skincare review singapore ORBIS skincare review singaporeIn addition to taking care of your beauty needs, Orbis also focuses on health products that supplement a healthy lifestyle. There are health drinks (known as Petite Shake) in various flavours and Collagen Drinks.

I was given a small cup of the Petite Shake to sample at the opening and I swear it’s so delicious! And initially I was worried about how it might have an undesirable taste or aftertaste, but no, it tasted so fruity and delicious. :)


Find Orbis at: Bishan Junction 8 #01-46

For more information:


To be honest, I didn’t know much about Orbis before their arrival in Singapore. It was truly and eye-opening experience at the shop opening and I’m impressed with what the brand’s all about! =) Thank you Rain and Mariko for the invite. Reviews on Orbis’ Oil-Cut Cleansing Liquid and Petite Shake are on the way~ xo

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