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Scalp Care Review: Luxe Scalp Specialists Hydrating Mask

Origin Luxe scalp and hair loss reviewHeyy guys~ Went back to Luxe to try their new treatment – a Hydrating Mask for the scalp! It is suitable for sufferers of dry/flakey scalp, or even oily scalp due to dryness.

Using shampoos that are too harsh might lead to an oily scalp as well, as moisture and natural oils are stripped off the scalp during washing. In order to combat the dryness, your scalp produces more oil!

Origin Luxe scalp and hair loss reviewThe hydrating mask is done during the washing step of the entire herbal mask treatment! It has a cooling after-effect and I found that refreshing. If you’re interested in the Hydrating Mask, do let the staff know beforehand so that they may add it into your treatment session :)

***By the way, if you’re reading this, you get to enjoy the Hydrating Mask at just $18! Simply call for an appointment and tell them that you have this code “Zoe1122″!***

The very same code “Zoe1122″ entitles you to afree Fibre Plus Leave-in Serum when you sign up.

Visit for more information or call +656702 0777 to book an appointment. :)

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