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5 Things to consider before going for Eyebrow Embroidery

Well well, I have officially survived eyebrow embroidery and now I have a pair of beautiful brows! I’m loving them so much and am so glad that I had gone to Allure Beauty to get mine professionally done. You can read all about my embroidery session here: Review: Signature Eyebrow Embroidery at Allure Beauty + Readers’ Discount

Allure eyebrow embroidery review

Now that I have been through the whole process, I would like to offer some notes and things to keep in mind if you’re considering to get your eyebrows embroidered too :) The following points were what went through my mind during my experience, and I hope they’ll help you with the process. Here goes!

1) Know what shape of brows you want


Do you have a regular shape of brows that you draw on a daily basis? Do you lean towards the more arched (sexy/alluring) brow look or the more straight (innocent/youthful) brow look? Before you go for eyebrow embroidery, it is important to know what kind of image suits you best.

Perhaps your brows are really sparse and you don’t draw your brows at all, and you really really don’t know what suits your face shape, Allure Beauty’s Signature Eyebrow Embroidery is your best bet! The aestheticians at Allure Beauty are specifically trained to map out your brows according to the Golden Ratio to bring balance and proportion to your face.

But, only agree to proceed with the procedure when you’re satisfied with the brows drawn on your face.

2) Choose which type of eyebrow embroidery technique

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty SingaporeOver the years, eyebrow embroidery techniques have evolved and improved. From the picture above from Allure Beauty, you can distinctively see the difference between each technique. I would say that the newer the technique, the more strokes-based and natural it is. But of course the price also increases accordingly to the difficulty so you need to decide. For me, I had the Allure Signature Eyebrow done and I find the individual strokes so natural and beautiful!

3) Ensure you have a week to recover, preferably not having to meet many people

Before you book the date to your eyebrow embroidery session, make sure that the week after your session is pretty empty. Try not to have major events scheduled, such as social events, diving trips, swimming classes, gym etc… I would say don’t meet too many people because they are going to ask what happened to your brows. Unless you’re okay with the extra attention or unwanted comments, I’d suggest you to keep it low. See this post for an idea how dark your brows will be in the first week.

For the first week, don’t do physical activities that will cause your brows to come into contact with water or sweat as it might wash the dye off.

4) Be prepared to spend extra time washing your face

During the one week that my brows weren’t allowed to come into contact with water, I used cotton pads to wet, soap, wipe my face like how they do it at facials so as to avoid wetting my brows. I had to resist the tendency to just splash water on my face. As a result, washing my face took longer and more effort. So keep this in mind. After the scabs have peeled off, you can go back to washing your face normally again :)

5) I would strongly recommend you to go for the touch up session

There will be a touch up session one month after the first embroidery. It is basically the same process as the first session, so remember to set aside a week for healing too.

The touch up session is to redo on areas that the dye did not adhere properly or evenly. For some cases, you can even slightly alter the shape of the brow if you like! For me, I requested my Allure brow expert to soften the arch to create thicker and straighter brows at my touch up session. She did a wonderful job with mapping out my Golden Ratio the first time, and I had many compliments, but it’s just that I prefer straighter brows. :)

So yes, the touch up session is very important as it allows the aesthetician to do a complete job.


Yup, so these are the five things to take note of when considering to go for an eyebrow embroidery, I hope they’ve helped! Do email me if you need help with any more questions and I’ll try my best to help or refer you to someone who can. :) Check out the readers’ discount code below!

Allure eyebrow embroidery reviewMy final brows! Love them so much! Doing eyebrow embroidery really saves me a lot of time as I don’t have to fill them in anymore for a good 2 years. Sometimes I just sweep a bit of dark coffee brown eyeshadow powder to darken them and I’m good to go. Thank you Allure Beauty and Mistical for this awesome procedure!


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ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON outlets are located at:

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  • Amy

    Thank you so much for your blogs about eyebrow embroidery- I had mine done on Saturday and I really thought i was cracking up about how anxious I feel. I have very pale skin and my eyebrows at the minute are VERY dark- I thought I was being ridiculous panicing so much that they wont fade so its nice to hear Im not the only one- thank you!

    • Zoe

      Haha thank you for writing in to let me know that I wasn’t the only one who got all anxious too! Hehe just bear with it, it WILL fade. :)

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