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Shopping: Find discount codes for your shopping purchase!


In Singapore, I think online shopping is one of our favourite activities! Busy and stressful lifestyles have made us turn to online retail therapy for stress relief; even just ‘window browsing’ our favourite blogshops can be so enjoyable, am I right? Haha.

And in the recent years, there has been an online phenomenon known as the ‘Deals websites’ springing up all over the net. I think in way, these group buy sites – I call them the ‘deals deals sites’ – present an opportunity for consumers to save when businesses promote their products/services at rock bottom prices!

But how reliable are they? So many complaints of businesses not being able to fulfill their part of the deal after the purchase have surfaced, leading to increasing consumer distrust when using such sites.

Well, let me introduce another way of saving when shopping online! Using COUPONS!

Discount Codes give you more savings

iPrice Coupons Singapore

The idea is not new, it is simply searching for a Discount Code on coupon sites like iPrice Coupons Singapore, that applies to your purchase online so that it may miraculously give you some discount off your total bill!

And I’m talking about E-commerce sites like Zalora, Valuebasket and Foxysales for instance. iPrice Coupons Singapore provide discount codes for established, reputable E-commerce sites, so you can enjoy the discount without any worries.

So yup, find that discount code, and shop away! :)


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