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Here’s how I save money: Enjoy 1-for-1 treats with The Entertainer App!

Just last week I was invited to Extra Virgin Pizza @ United Square for the launch of The Entertainer app. Think it’s just another normal app? No! It’s the most awesome thing ever!

More than 1000 1-for-1 vouchers to be used in Singapore

The Entertainer provides over 1,065 ‘buy one get one free’ vouchers from the city’s most exclusive dining, leisure, wellness and entertainment venues including Au Petit Salut, Kinki, Carnivore, Hard Rock Café, Brewerkz, Marmalade Pantry, Ben & Jerry’s, Spa Symphony, Gmax Reverse Bungy and Impakt Gym.

It can potentially help you save ALOT by getting 50% off at restaurants, cafes, beauty salons when you go with a friend.

Let me illustrate.

Dinner at Extra Virgin Pizza

Extra Virgin Skinny pizza at United Square

So that night, we went to Extra Virgin for pizza, which is a really nice place tucked away in a corner in United Square. I downloaded the app, bought the Singapore vouchers, and immediately I was able to flash my Entertainer app to the staff and get 2 pizzas for the price of 1!

Extra Virgin Skinny pizza food reviewRating: 4/5

Prosciutto and Ham pizza – I love how the mildly bitter rockets balance the savoury prosciutto and ham. Not sure about you, but I was very excited to see that much ham on a pizza. :)

Extra Virgin Skinny pizza food review

Rating: 3/5

Mushroom Bianco Pizza – I was attracted by the promise of pecorino and truffle oil in this mushroom pizza, but unfortunately the strong taste of the mushroom – which tasted like shitake – overpowered any of that.

Extra Virgin Skinny pizza food reviewRating: 4.5/5

Pistachio Pesto pizza – Don’t be intimidated by the sea of green. This unique combination pizza is actually my favourite of the lot! The wild rockets really complement the nutty flavour of the pistachio pesto and creates a refreshing blend to tantalise your palate.

Extra Virgin Skinny pizza food reviewAbout 6 of us shared 6 pizzas, which led to quite a bit of leftovers. To avoid that, if you’re having pizzas with the 1-for-1 Entertainer app, go with 3 other people so the 4 of you can share 2 pizzas, which is pretty reasonable. Four people to split a bill of ~$25, how insane is that? Haha.

At least 3 vouchers per establishment

The Entertainer app has at least three 1-for-1 vouchers at each establishment. So if there are 6 people, you can actually use two vouchers on the same visit to get 4 pizzas for the 6 of you! Or you can always enjoy 1-for-1 again during another visit.

The Entertainer Singapore Extra Virgin Pizza review

This is the book version of The Entertainer app. Both the app and book contain identical vouchers so it depends on which you’d prefer. For me, I definitely choose the app version as everything is so convenient. I can search for nearby 1-for-1 deals that I use on-the-go whenever I want, as opposed to lugging a heavy book of coupons.

Haha, but alternatively, the book version will be great for the older generation who are not so tech-savvy. I think they will be super excited by this giant book of 1-for-1 coupons.

Now for the answer you’ve been waiting for.

How much is it? (scroll down for discount code)

The Entertainer Singapore 2014For a flat price of 95, you’ll get The Entertainer Singapore AND the Entertainer Travel for 1-for-1 hotel deals in Asia and Indian Ocean edition. The same goes for the mobile app. Imagine, more than 1,150 buy one get one free offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, spas, activities, attractions, AND over 380 free night offers for hotels and resorts throughout Asia and Indian Ocean.

Get free nights in hotels and resorts all over Asia and Indian Ocean!

I checked, they offer one free night’s stay for purchase of one night for resorts in Mauritius, Maldives, Bali, Bangkok, just to name a few popular holiday destinations! And the hotels are not those lousy ones, but reputable ones like Sofitel Bangkok, Intercontinental Mauritius Resort, Novotel Bali Nusa Dua… and the list goes on.

If you dine out or travel frequently, this app will be your best friend to ‘cheat’ your way through hotel stays and save a massive amount of money!

Get the App for just $76 with “@mypeaceofheaven” discount code! Valid till 30th April only.

If saving hundreds a month is not enough, here’s how you can save 20% on the in-app purchase by using my discount code: “@mypeaceofheaven”.

How to download the vouchers?

1) Download The Entertainer App. It is free to download. There are already a few 1-for-1 vouchers inside for free and you can try to test out whether you like it or not.

How to use The Entertainer Singapore

2) When you click into the app, you can see a ‘Buy’ button on the top left. You won’t see all these restaurants yet because they will only appear after you purchased the vouchers.

How to use The Entertainer Singapore

2) Choose the Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014.

How to use The Entertainer Singapore

3) Key in the “@mypeaceofheaven” discount code to get your voucher pack at $76 instead of $95! Code is only valid till 30th April so don’t miss this chance!

How to use The Entertainer Singapore

4) Proceed to checkout and start using your 1-for-1 vouchers!!

How much have I saved after two weeks of using the Entertainer App?

How to use The Entertainer Singapore

I have been using The Entertainer app for two weeks only and guess what, I’ve already saved $75. So just imagine all the savings I would make in 2014, just by using 1-for-1 vouchers!

So I highly recommend people who love to cafe hop, explore new eateries, or even go for Spas, nail treatments to download the App and get the vouchers. I really enjoy using it so much that whenever I’m in any particular shopping mall, I’d check whether I can use it at any nearby outlet. HAHA addicted! So save away~!


For more information: The Entertainer’s official facebook page | Twitter @EntertainerAsia | Instagram @the_entertainer241


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