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Beauty: Australia’s La Mav Organic Skin Care in Singapore

La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review

Ladies who are into 100% organic and ethical skincare brands take note! The Australian organic skin care brand, La Mav, is now available in Singapore! You may not not have heard of it, but La Mav® is Australia’s first organic anti-ageing skincare brand.

I had the opportunity to attend their mini launch session at BHG Bugis Junction and La Mav’s founder, Tarj Mavi, was there personally to give an overview on the brand. You can find it under Ecoganics in the Beauty department on Level 2.

La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review

Do you know that the ingredients in most skin care products are not regulated?

Recognized by the Organic Food Chain and certified organic by the Australian Government, La Mav is organic from the ground to the finished products, which is pretty impressive, I must say!

Their products are formulated with skin care BIO-ACTIVES derived from plants and flowers, which are clinically proven to deliver visible results and are gentle on the skin.

NO petrochemicals, para end, sulphated surfactants, synthetic fragrances/colours, phthalates, talc, silicones.

La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care reviewAdorable beauty kits 

La Mav adheres to very strict ethics and they source all of their ingredients to ensure their products or individual ingredients are never tested on animals. Even the packaging is recyclable!

La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review

 Colour-coded ranges to target different skin concerns such as Anti-ageing, Hydration, Lightening and Mature skin… What’s the difference between Anti-ageing and Mature Skin ranges? Anti-ageing line targets fine lines and wrinkles while Mature Skin line is more concerned with loss of firmness and slackened skin.

And I am happy to try out the Skin Brightening range!

La Mav Organic Skin Care Brightening Pack

La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care review La mav Australian anti-ageing skin care reviewThe names of the serums really do sound promising!


Rumex Advanced Lightening Day Creme

Very lightweight and perfect for day time use. It doesn’t clog the pores and I find it to be a pretty good moisturiser and lightener. It gives the skin a healthy appearance.

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar 

Smells like lemons! This is a little more oily and runny in consistency. It spreads very easily over the whole face. I would massage the nectar into my skin and then wake up to a tad brighter skin the next morning :). The good thing is that the oiliness disappears so you don’t wake up with an shiny face. But when I apply I still wonder if the oiliness will clog my pores. You can tell that I don’t really like oily products!

Anti Dark-Circle & Ultra-Firm Eye Gel 

Yup, this is a more of a cooling gel for the eye contours. I really dislike dark-eye circles, and I’m always on a look out for good wrinkle busters! This product tackles the two main concerns around the eye area, so I was really excited when this product came in the box. Being a gel, it isn’t too rich for the delicate eye area and it is easily absorbed with a light massage. My eye area is indeed smoother and looks more moisturised, but the fine lines are a little stubborn.

Daily Vitamin C Brightening Serum 

This product smells like honey lemon too! It’s probably because of the organic ingredient. This targets uneven skin tone, age spots and pigmentation, so I use it as a spot-treatment rather than for the whole face.


I like the range as it is organic, however also because all the ingredients are of natural origins, results take a little longer to be visible. But the good thing is that it works with a little patience and if you love all things ORGANIC, La Mav will be right for you!


“The La Mav Skin-Brightening range includes powerful bio-actives targeted specifically to even skin tone, texture and promote radiance while reducing the appearance of spots, sun damage, and other blemishes.

When used together, products in this range offer a synergistic skin brightening effect that is quickly noticeable and improves with continued use.

Formulated for use on all skin types, this range is perfect for use on skin with sun and lifestyle damage.”


Visit La Mav’s website and Facebook Page for more information!


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  • Jane

    Hi, thanks for the honest review.I noticed that the products no longer available at BHG. Where do you purchase the products?

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