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Beauty: Orbis Cleansing Liquid – Moomin Limited Edition Design

ORBIS Singapore logoOil-Free



Free of artificial colours

Mild acidity Allergy tested (formulated to minimize risk of allergy)

Non-comedogenic tested (formulated to minimize the risk of acne) 

Orbis Cleansing liquid Moomin review

Orbis Cleansing Liquid (150ml) $22.90

I’m pretty excited to share this product with you ladies because I find it really good!

I have to admit, that it wasn’t a love at first try for me. When I first tried it, I didn’t like how ‘squeaky clean’ my skin felt right after using it. So I actually left it aside and used my usual cleansing wipes. But when I decided to revisit it – because I kind of missed that ‘super clean’ feeling that I initially disliked – I find myself reaching for it time after time after that!

Seriously, can’t make up my mind!?

Haha but yes, I got used to the feeling and I’m using it on a daily basis now!

It removes all traces of my make up, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It feels so clean that I don’t have to wash my face a second time with my foaming cleanser, so I skip that step and move straight to toner (although the directions suggest to follow with regular cleanser).

Orbis Cleansing liquid Moomin review

The term “Oil Cut”, often found in ORBIS’ range of products, draws inspiration from the complete disuse of oil in its skincare range. ORBIS hopes this concept will convey the fresh, water-based, smooth and comfortable characteristics its skincare products possess.

I really like that it contains no oil at all. I have tried oil-based make up removers and realised that my skin secreted more oil after awhile, and so I concluded that oil-based cleansers are not for me. Despite being water-based, the Orbis Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid is really good at lifting impurities, dirt and make up.

Orbis Cleansing liquid Moomin review

It is really a god-send, especially now when I am tired after an entire day.

I just pump once, blend all over my face, and then wash the make up right off. It saves me time, and makes me want to try on more make up because now removing it is so easy. I also found that my pores on my front cheeks are smaller! <— this is something that I discovered after using it for a few weeks. Just for this reason alone, I am willing to re-purchase this as a cleanser and make up remover. Who doesn’t like smaller pores!

Previously when I felt that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, I thought that the cleansing liquid was drying out my skin and unsuitable for me. But I was mistaken, the feeling only exists immediately after I wash it. I do not experience any peeling of skin nor dryness after that, and in fact my skin is supple and hydrated!

Orbis Cleansing Liquid contains more than 30% moisturizing ingredients, including the Moisture Balance Base made up of botanical moisturizing base, three types of amino acids (Serine, Glycine and Alanine which are the fundamental components of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor) and water-retaining Hyaluronic Acid.

This Limited Edition Bottle features an adorable Finnish character Moomin* that has been popular in Japan and the rest of the world over the years. This dreamy illustration on the tinted pink bottle brightens your daily cleansing routine! Bottles are available in two sizes (150mL/380mL) with different designs. 

For more information, visit Orbis Singapore’s Facebook Page.


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