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DRx Clinic #5 – Combi Laser

Drx Clinic review

Hi guys! I went back at The DRx Clinic for my fourth consultation with Dr. Yanni about two weeks ago to review my skin after the first facial laser to remove freckles and pigmentation. I was extremely satisfied with the first laser treatment as it really helped to lighten my spots by a great deal. But after about 4 weeks, to my dismay, the spots were appearing again! I knew that one session of laser would not permanently remove all freckles, but I didn’t expect that they would come back so soon!

DRx clinic remove pigmentation laserWith sunblock and loose powder!

Why do freckles or sunspots develop again even after laser?

  • Freckles or pigmentation are triggered by sun exposure that cause melanocytes to produce more melanin.
  • Doing laser only removes pigmentation that are visible at the time of treatment, but does not stop the development process of new freckles.
  • Prior to your first laser treatment, you might already have some hidden / deeper pigmentation that will surface after the laser.
  • Or if you did not apply sunblock diligently after your laser treatment, new pigmentation will surely develop. It doesn’t mean that the laser you did was not good.

Which is why it is recommended to do a few rounds of laser to get rid of new pigmentation that appear! Dr. Yanni says that her patients usually book a laser treatment every 6 months for maintenance.

UV rays, you’re horrible!

But besides the pigmentation, I also have mild rosacea – easy flushing and persistent redness, and also visible blood vessels that snake on the skin, making my skin look pretty greenish/purplish in some areas.

Why why why is this happening??

Turns out that rosacea is a pretty common skin condition and it is due to the over production of a certain protein – VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) – that creates new blood vessels when triggered by sunlight. SUNLIGHT is the culprit again!! I bet I have a lot of sun damage because I never applied sunblock till I was 20+. (Yes, shocking. Now, sunblock’s the only thing I MUST apply if I’m heading out.)

What’s done is already done… But to target the symptom of flushing and redness, what Dr. Yanni can do for me is a Combi Laser which will decrease the expression of VEGF. Now, VEGF is responsible for creating new blood vessels, so by decreasing that, my face will flush less, and skin tone become more even!

Dr Yanni loves treating pigmentation and rosacea, so I’m thankful that she’s my skin doctor!

DRx Clinic review Combi Laser skin brighteningPretty Dr. Yanni performing the Combi Laser on me.

This is one awesome laser because it is completely painless and gives almost instant results! There is no down-time, and after a few days, the skin becomes fairer, translucent and glowing. The procedure takes about half an hour and results lasted for about 2 weeks for me.

DRx Clinic review Combi Laser skin brighteningRight after the session, it is evident that the whole complexion was already brightened. I could just put on light makeup and leave without any worries.

DRx clinic review Laser treatment

A few days after the Combi laser, when I was taking photos for an upcoming blog post. Absolutely loved it because I realised that my skin has really toned down in blotchiness and redness. After the Combi laser, I gained a brighter and more even skin tone, and the translucency of the skin shows in the pictures that I take! I’d say this Combi laser is perfect for brides or any other joyous occasions for you to look glowy on that day!

Really grateful towards The DRx Clinic and Dr. Yanni for the laser treatments that have really improved my skin condition. From a pimply-faced girl to clear faced, I dare say DRx is my solution!

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