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Hair/Beauty: #GetSassooned with VS Vidal Sassoon and Calvin Gan

Vidal Sassoon is no stranger name to me, I remember vividly using VS when I was about 10-12 years old (yes that young!) and it giving me the softest and silkiest hair ever! I have no doubts in the quality of their products. This year, Vidal Sassoon has partnered with Hairloom’s creative director, Calvin Gan, to bring Vidal’s vision and signature style to life!

Vidal Sassoon

In the cutting edge world of hairdressing, Vidal Sassoon (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012) has dedicated his lifetime to creating some of the most iconic, fashionable and colourful hair looks of his time. And perhaps the most well-known and classic of Vidal’s haircuts is the iconic five-point cut (below)!

Vidal Sassoon 5 point cut

Vidal described the geometric cut as the finest he ever created. In fact, he literally liberated a generation of women with visually outstanding cuts that were incredibly precise and audacious. During his time, this radical move reflected a rapidly changing culture in which women were beginning to embrace greater freedoms to live and express themselves as individuals.

Vidal Sassoon Elastica Premium Series

Making the ‘Sassoon’ experience accessible to every woman has always been part of Vidal’s vision. With the Elastica Premium Hair Care series, women can effortlessly recreate the salon look at home! This innovative series injects every strand of hair with elasticity to bring any hairstyle to life, so that you can enjoy volume, curls and bouncy hair, at any day, any time, right at home!

4 Hair Care Tips with Calvin Gan to #GetSassooned

In partnership with creative director of Hairloom and Sassoon Academy- trained hairdresser, Calvin Gan, the #GetSassooned movement brings Vidal’s creative vision and signature style to life by challenging women to free themselves, starting from their hair.

Prep It
First, shampoo. An essential first step in keeping hair gently cleansed and moisturized from root to tips.

Work It
Use premium care conditioners to deeply nourish and thoroughly condition every strand.

Protect It
Treat it with Vidal Sassoon’s concentrated Amino Salon Essence formula.

Perfect It
Finally, perfect that style with Magic Style Activator for Curls, keeping hair frizz free and gives curled hair a soft, bouncy, natural finish that stays on for the entire day.

Calvin stays true to Vidal’s philosophy, creating hairstyles which are personalised and minimalist – designed to enhance the unique beauty in every woman. Watch the video for some tips on how to get the salon experience at home!

For more information: Vidal Sassoon Facebook | VS Youtube


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