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Get all your Japanese beauty / lifestyle products at Tokyo Luxey!

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I’m such a late bloomer in the realm of makeup and beauty, and there are just too many things to try out there. All these are very exciting to me as I explore different methods of putting on makeup: how to apply eyeshadows, how to draw eyebrows, how to do eyeliner… and the list goes on. And now, there’s a new eCommerce site called Tokyo Luxey that sells all things Japanese that I can’t wait to explore! Newly launched in February 2014, Tokyo Luxey stocks a wide range of your favourite Japanese brands such as CANMAKE, KATE, Dolly Wink, and also more uncommon ones like FairyDrops, Laminaze, Kiraan, 24h Cosme… And they are all so high in quality and amazing!

I know, because I had the chance to try some of the Japanese makeup products, courtesy of Tokyo Luxey, and here I did a Japanese-inspired makeup using 24h Cosme. I love the look so much. :)

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeupThe packaging is so adorable! As usual, I’ve stuck to a natural and effortless look, so as to avoid an overly made-up face.

where to get Japanese makeup products in singapore

Step 1: Prime & apply foundation

I started with a primer, then the compact foundation. The foundation appears to be slightly darker than my skin tone on application, but in actual it evens out my skin tone and gives a pore-less finish.

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

Step 2: Conceal

I like how this concealer has two shades for me to blend to the perfect colour. On that goes onto my under-eye area, just below and beside the nose where it tends to be reddish. But thanks to my skincare sponsor, my skin was very good on that day!

Japanese makeup products in Singapore

Step 3: Powder

This face powder is so cute and dainty. Unlike the usual loose powder, it contains pearlised powder as well. It adds a glow to the foundation and I would just lightly pat on the T-zone.

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

Step 4: Eyeshadow

I used the Brown eyeshadow palette create a very simple, two-toned eye make up. The darker brown to line my eyes, and the lighter brown on the eyelids. I skipped the eyeliner step as I wanted to keep the makeup looking as natural as possible.

where to get Japanese makeup products in singapore

Step 5: Blusher

I’m always using pink tones on my cheeks so the first time when I used this salmon-red blusher, I overdid it and I looked so pale save for my reddish cheeks. Now I know just to tap lightly and dap evenly on the balls of my cheeks. The result is a pretty coral shade when applied on the skin.

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

Step 6: Highlight

I hardly contour my face as I find the brown too intimidating on my face, but nonetheless, highlighting is a step that really adds definition to your face. It gives a pop to your eyes, and gives the illusion of a nose bridge. Hehe. So the highlighting powder goes onto the nose bridge, under the brows, in the middle of your eyelids, inner corners of the eyes, cheek bones, cupid’s bow, and a little just below the lower lips. This product is Japanese as well, from DAISO!!!

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

Step 7: Curl lashes

Curling lashes is something that I do even on days when I don’t put any makeup.

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

Step 8: Mascara!

My favourite mascara at the moment is FairyDrops Scandal Queen Waterproof mascara. It is just so amazing. Curling and holding power is 10/10. Ability to spread evenly on lashes is also 10/10 due to its unique patented 3-sphere brush design. Have never seen anything like that before, but it works wonders. I will probably do a more detailed review on it. It’s the best.

where to get Japanese makeup products in singapore

Step 9: Lip gloss

Marks the end!

The foundation’s really good, totally brightening up my face and evening out my skin tone! Check out the final look (below) for comparison. Whaddya think?

Tokyo Luxey Singapore Beauty Blogger Japanese makeup

After =)

Do I look more Jap by using Japanese products? Hahaha Thanks for sitting through my silly makeup tutorial!

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Tokyo Luxey giftbox

Well, here’s how you can get to sample quality Japanese make up products just like me! Simply sign up as a Luxey (influencer) at this page!

If you’re just looking to purchase some very good Japanese makeup, do check out this absolutely gorgeous GIFT BOX where you can get most of the products featured here in this post!

For more information: Tokyo Luxey Website | Facebook | Youtube



  • Sherlynn

    Hi where else in SG can we purchase Fairydrops mascara? Tokyo Luxey website doesnt seems to have it except the gift box. and somehow i’m unable to load it when comes to payment

  • Sherlynn

    Hi Zoe, I didn’t realised you replied :)
    So nice of you, where did you get the whole range of 24h cosme? Tokyo Luxey online store doesn’t seems to have it, and the powder foundation that I got from the gift box is too dark for me :(

    • Zoe

      Oh dear! I don’t know where to get the whole range at the moment too, let me help you ask the Tokyo Luxey community and get back to you? :)
      Did you like the mascara??

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