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Drx Clinic #6 – Skin review after 3 months

Drx Clinic review

Hi guys! It’s been three months since my awesome Combi laser at The DRx Clinic!

And so in May last month, I dropped by The DRx Clinic to see Dr Yanni for a review on my face 3 months after the Combi Laser. Alas, new freckles have surfaced and my face is pretty dull with uneven skin tone and spots. *Disclaimer: it is not because the laser wasn’t effective* Read this post – DRx Clinic #5 – on why freckles ‘come back’ even after doing Laser!

DRx Clinic review DRx clinic treatment review

As you can see, my pore size has reduced a lot ever since using Derma-Rx products, and I also have almost no pimples, which I am so thankful for!! However, pigmentation still bothers me. Not much updates on this particular visit as it was just a simple review and my skincare routine remains the same, but I replenished my Foaming Facial Wash and Toner.

Dr Yanni also put me back on the X Cream and Strong Lightener to lighten the new spots. It is good to use less drastic measures to see if the situation improves, rather than resorting to laser all the time. I think this is the principle that The DRx Clinic holds to, because they like to start with prescribing Derma-Rx products first, and usually you can see some results just by using the products alone! :)

Lightening cream from Drx Clinic

The X Cream primes and preps the skin for the Strong Lightener to have better effect, and just a small thin layer will suffice. Too much of both creams might cause a skin reaction, so I only squeeze a pea-dot on my finger for all the brown spots on my face each time. One difference I find between medical skincare products and over-the-counter skincare products is the amount that we have to apply. Using OTC brands, we are often told to use a generous amount of product; but with medical brands, just a tiny amount is sufficient to give you results. In fact, applying too much may cause an over-reaction. So don’t worry if the bottles look so small and you worry that they won’t last you, because I use mine everyday and they last me a good three months or more!

AND over the past months, I have also received many emails from you guys, asking about DRx. Thanks for sharing your experiences and treatments with me! =)

So that’s all for today, I’m looking forward to my appointment next week! Please subscribe if you want to follow my updates on The DRx Clinic – simply enter your email on the right! Or gimme a like on Mypeaceofheaven’s Facebook Page ok? :)

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