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Beauty Review: Luxe Scalp Specialist’s Intense Spa

Two weeks ago I headed back to Luxe Scalp Specialist at Chinatown Point to try out their newly launched Intense Spa treatment! It’s basically a more comprehensive and pampering treatment that includes some additional steps to the existing Herbal Hair Mask treatment.

A breakdown of the steps in the spa would be like this:

High-frequency therapy (5 mins)

Revitalising Comb Massage (5 mins)

Anti-bacterial Hair Wash (15 mins)

Ginger Tonic Application (5 mins)

Lemongrass Essential Oil on Hair ends (5 mins)

Herbal Hair Mask + Micro mist steam (30 mins)

Hair Bath (15 mins)

Spa —> Intense Scalp Massage (15 mins)

Spa —> Softening and nourishing Hair mask + special steam & cooling air (20 mins)

Spa —> Hair Wash (15 mins)

Thai Rice Neck & Shoulder massage + Blowing dry of hair (20 mins)

Infrared Heat Therapy (15 mins)


The entire spa treatment took about 2.75 hrs ~ 3 hrs!

That’s pretty long for a single Spa treatment for the scalp, don’t you think? But if you ask me honestly, I say it’s totally worth it. Let me elaborate more on one of the steps – Step 9: Softening and nourishing hair mask!!

Luxe Scalp specialist chinatown review

Hair was pinned up in a loose twist.

Luxe Scalp specialist chinatown review

And then I was quite stunned when 3 therapists came over to place the steaming machine over my head. It actually took quite a bit of tightening and adjusting. This steaming machine is a special one as it emits hot mist for about 15~20mins, then stops to blow some cold air for awhile. Thankfully the hood was tightened properly, otherwise I would have cold mist blowing down my neck! Haha

Luxe Scalp specialist chinatown review

My first experience with this special steaming machine and I thought I looked really amusing with the hood! LOL pardon my silly shots.


But yes, this has become my favourite treatment by Luxe Scalp Specialist thus far, because it absolutely gave me super soft and smooth hair, nothing like I’ve ever had before!


Love how shiny flow-y my hair was after the treatment! Alas, the amazing results lasted for about a week, and then my hair settled into a something closer to the original state, but still softer than before. Haha.


Do check out my other posts on Luxe Scalp Specialist below! If you’re looking for a place to try out scalp treatments for a start, do use my code “ZOE1122” to get the full Herbal Mask Treatment at only $18!! :)

That’s all folks, thank you for reading! XOxo


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