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Photography: Montage 2014 Fashion & Studio Workshop

Montage 2014 photo festival

My primary school buddy and fellow SBA2013 finalist photo-blogger, whatsapped me one day and asked if I wanted to attend a photography workshop together, and I was like, WHY NOT?! :) And so I went as her guest to MONTAGE 2014’s Fashion and Studio Workshop by Darren Leow on a Saturday afternoon. Pretty excited as it was my first time attending anything professional photography related. This was the real deal, you know?

Still, I didn’t know what to expect, because I am noober than the noobiest noob when it comes to professional photography. Haha.

Darren Leow Photographer singapore

The moment Darren Leow started his introduction of himself and his work, I knew this workshop was way beyond my league. Haha but it also meant that there’s a lot for me to learn, right? And so I began my crash course into fashion and beauty photography, studio-style.

Montage 2014 photo festival

I learned that there are so many things that go behind a photoshoot held in a studio. The knowledge of light, shadows, angles, reflection and more, comes together in the photographer’s mind, to build a perfect picture that conveys what the client wants.

First thing when you accept a commercial and studio photography job: always understand what the client wants, and how you can relay that through the background colour, props, styling (in terms of fashion & studio area), models’ expression, make up & poses etc.

The workshop pretty much opened my eyes to how many things actually go behind the scenes of a wonderfully-crafted fashion or beauty magazine spread. For example, a beauty product spread would require the model’s skin to exude an inner glow, while a fashion spread might need models to have matte skin. All these are achieved, not by photoshop, but by LIGHTING, right in the studio itself! Amazing.

Montage 2014 photo festival

For commercial and studio photoshoots, I also learned that it is better to include ample empty space for texts. For example, can you just imagine words describing the jewellery on the right of the model in the above photo? If subjects were always taken in the middle of the photo, there would be hardly any space for all that! There is also consideration given if magazines want to use the photo in a two-page spread, in that case, MORE space would be given.

Montage 2014 Fashion Studio workshopSpot me! =)

All in all, I really learned quite a bit about how studio photoshoots are carried out. It is definitely not as easy as we could imagine. Thank you, Montage 2014, for having me at the event! As the festival comes to an end, cheers to a bigger and better Montage 2015!

(Photos from Montage NUSPS Facebook Page)


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