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She (he) brings out the best in me.

Julie's Biscuit The Best of You

Who Is She? The one who brings out the best in me?

This question got me thinking. There are people who make me feel like everything is awesome, happy and I can literally smile with contentment before I sleep at night. But there are also people who bring out the worst in me. Naturally, being a person who enjoys being happy and grateful more than grumpy and upset, I gravitate towards people who make me feel that way, and try to avoid people who are just craving to whack the balance out of my life.

Who and what kind of situation makes you want to be the best version of yourself?

Let me share first!

For me, I am a person who is always on a constant search for a better self. Being more understanding, more polite, more patient, and most importantly, I think it’s necessary to have awareness. Awareness for the surroundings, and self-awareness for my own behaviour. Without awareness, you might just impatiently wave off an old lady who is just trying to make a living by selling tissue.. or perhaps even didn’t notice that handicapped man with an amputated limb using his fine leg to push his own wheelchair with difficulty. Under these special circumstances – when you meet someone who is less fortunate than you – it is perfect time for you to just lend a helping hand, and be a better version of yourself!

Julie's Biscuit The Best of You

Who Inspires Me to be a better person?

That person would have to be Hammy. I didn’t use to have awareness, after all, it is much easier to just live my own life and do my own thing. Nobody really cares about each other on the streets, maybe that’s why Singaporeans are becoming colder and more self-centred in general, as compared to countries like Taiwan..

How does Hammy inspire me? Let me just raise an example…


I caught this photo of Hammy (the one in red) and posted on my Instagram (@mypeaceofheaven) some time back. The background story goes like this:

@mypeaceofheaven: We stopped by the road to give this elderly a ride to his destination. He was taking mini steps aided by his walker in the hot sun… knees slightly bowed.. When he got in, we talked about where he’s from, why is he taking such a long walk to the food centre, why doesn’t he take a bus? (Judging by how fast he was walking, we calculated that it would take him almost one and half hours to get to the food centre.) He said, walking makes him more fit, and taking the bus is more inconvenient, as he is unable to climb steps. And guess what, he’s 95 years old!!! He’s really cute and kept thanking us.. It warmed us so much yet made us feel pretty helpless because that’s all we could do for him. P.S. Hammy doesn’t know I’m sharing this, cuz he’s the kind who does good things secretly and doesn’t want people to know. But I’m sharing this cuz I’m just so proud of him and his values.. This is why I love this man. :)

Yep! Hammy stopped by the road to give a random elderly a lift to his destination! I don’t think I can ever forget this incident (though it’s not the only time he did this), because at that very moment when I caught this photo, I felt so proud. Not in a show-off way, but more like happiness, sweetness, pride, love for this person all mixed together. And indeed, his daily actions had inspired me to lend a helping hand whenever I see someone in need, to be a better person.

Do you have that someone who inspires you to be the best of you? Share it!

Julie's Biscuit The Best of You

The Best of You Movement

(Brought to you by Julie’s Biscuit)

At the heart of The Best of You movement is an opportunity for people to ask themselves the question: “Who is the best of you?” In doing so, it hopes that people will be prompted to take stock of their lives to consider the circumstances and influences that have inspired them in becoming the best versions of themselves.

The public can submit their personal stories, or pay homage to people who have impacted them significantly in some way or another, on the website If you do share your photos on social media, tag your photos with #TheBestOfYou!

These stories shared acknowledge that everyday efforts, that often go unnoticed, are worth celebrating. In doing so, The Best of You movement hopes to instil a sense of personal affirmation and appreciation. Eventually, it hopes to encourage people to find opportunities where they can bring out the best in others.


Julie's Biscuit The Best of You

Do head over to the website to see what others have shared! If you would like to thank someone in your life, this is a great platform to do so! :) Thanks for reading my super long intro too! xoxo

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