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Life: New Job, New Glasses, and New Perspectives

I took up a new part-time job recently, which frankly, was a huge step for me. Not gonna reveal what and where, but yes, it is retail, and has something to do with this post. A lot of people have been giving me the surprised look and going, “What? Why retail?? You have a freaking degree!!” — okay it doesn’t always come out that exaggerated, BUT I can see it in their eyes! Haha.

mypeaceofheaven x OWNDAYSBut let me tell you something, I never felt so right at a job!

So what if it’s retail, and I have to be on my feet 8 hrs a day? So what if it appears like I have to please people all day ‘just cuz it’s a retail job’? It’s not what it seems at all! In fact, this job allows me to meet people from all walks of life, while learning something totally new. It lets me hone my interacting skills and social skills before I take on something bigger. It also opens my eyes to the working life – albeit part-time.

mypeaceofheaven x OWNDAYSSo why only part-time?

Cuz I’m handling my bag store ( at the same time! I have plans to build it the way I want it to become. I know it’s possible because there are success cases, so don’t you even try to plant the thought in my head that it’s too difficult – I won’t let you!

Update on Bearynaise

(cuz I know many of you are wondering where are the bags that were supposed to launch) Grave illness of an important member in the family early this year really put a halt on the initial plans. I know this is not an excuse, but it was just so hard to live a normal life during a difficult time like that. But now that it’s passed, things have slowly gotten back to before.

Some bags are done and made, yet I find myself holding back on taking some awesome photos and showing it to the world. I thought about this issue last night, and diagnosed the problem as not having enough confidence, AND being too much of a perfectionist.

mypeaceofheaven x OWNDAYSIt’s a huge step to put your very own products out in the world. I reckon this feeling to be similar to artists putting their art up for sale, or song-writers selling their songs. But I need to remind myself that if this is what I want to do for a living, all these unnecessary feelings are just bullshit and I just have to do it!

So, preparations are underway. and I can’t wait for the days when I get everything going on track and can finally call myself a handmade bag business owner!

Ever since I’ve chosen to take the route less travelled, I’ve been finding the need to explain myself to others, not because I want to, but because I would be labelled as being stupid if I did not stand up for myself. And it really hurts to know that people are sniggering and just waiting to see you fall.

But this is my life and even if I were to fail in the end, I would have fought for something worth fighting for, and I would have tried to build something worth building for myself. I would have no regrets.. And I’ve learned to not care about what people think, because more often than not, they are more concerned about their own problems to be bothered about yours.

Mypeaceofheaven x OWNDAYSI don’t think I would ever give up trying to have my own business. If this thing doesn’t work out, I would simply try something else! :) But of course I want to make sure that I have exhausted every possibility before moving on.

Things worth having never came easy; if it was so easy, you’d never treasure it..

So back to my new job! Loving it so far.

I really like the fact that I get to interact with so many people; the other day I met this stunning lady and we hit off so well, I even got her name card! Haha my colleagues were all surprised that I got a customer’s name card, cuz I guess ‘networking’ isn’t exactly at the top of their priorities when they are working. But for me, I see my new job as a process that will teach me the skills that I will need for my own business. And so, I embrace all the challenges!

mypeaceofheaven x owndaysEveryone has different interpretations of happiness, and I’ve never been happier. I believe everything will work out.

Let’s work hard together to achieve our dreams ok! Jiayou <3


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