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Review: Glamabox JUNE 2014 Beauty Subscription Box

Glamabox beauty subscription box

A really adorbs beauty box came by courier a few weeks back, and I’m really happy to share its contents with you! It’s none other than the Glamabox, the HK-based beauty subscription box with products selected by international model Lisa S. herself.

JUNE’s Glamabox features HK-based artist, John Ho’s illustrations, endearingly dubbed as the “Chubby Bears”. My face literally lighted up when I saw the cute box. I love it so much!

Glamabox beauty subscription box

The contents were very neatly arranged, and you can tell that utmost care was taken into preparing it. At first look, I spotted some familiar brands, and various new brands that I’ve not heard of. I was relieved and glad that even though the brand might be a repeat, the product itself is something that I’ve not received in previous boxes before.

Glamabox beauty subscription box

1. Menard BEAUNESS Spa Mask Sheet 1pc

Standard Size Price: SGD 50.00

Thoughts: Love masks!

2. Collection COVER & GO FOUNDATION DUO 35ml

Standard Size Price: SGD 16.00

Thoughts: This is a really cool product! Foundation and Concealer combined into one, so you don’t have to get separate products. Unfortunately, the shade that I got is #5-Medium and it’s too dark for me! I really would have like this product, but in Ivory or Fair. 

3. Luxe Compact Tampon 2pcs

Standard Size Price: SGD 1.60

Thoughts: Wasn’t expecting tampons in the beauty box..!

4. Dermal 달몽 Sea Cucumber Supreme Mask

5 & 6. ORLANE Oligo Vit-a-min Light Smoothing Cream 3.5ml + Thermo Lift Firming Night Care 3.5ml

Standard Size Price: SGD 400.00

 7. Sanrio Hello Kitty Graffiti Nail Polish

Standard Size Price: SGD 7.70

Thoughts: I received the green Graffiti nail polish in JANUARY’s Glamabox, it’s quite nice to receive the yellow one! I tried yellow laquer once and my friends said that my fingers looked like french fries. Hahaha.


Looking at the individual prices, I realised that they are not that cheap, especially the skin care products! Thank you Glamabox for all the lovely items! :D


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