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Video: Japanese Makeup Tutorial with TOKYO LUXEY

mypeaceofheaven japanese makeup tutorial

Hi all! I finally mustered enough courage to make a makeup video featuring the awesome products I received from Tokyo Luxey’s first meet up in Singapore some months back. I’d actually done a simple tutorial in a written post here: Get all your Japanese beauty / lifestyle products at Tokyo Luxey! , but thought that it would be great if it came in a video as well!

Here it is, please enjoy! Please give me feedback as to how I can improve too! :)

Do watch it in HD!

By the way, this video is submitted to TOKYO LUXEY’s movie contest, in a bid to win a trip to JAPAN! I’d be so happy if you can share it so I can have a higher chance of winning :)) Thank you!!

If you’re a blogger, do join TOKYO LUXEY! We’re a community of beauty bloggers that regularly shares beauty tips and reviews, and also welcome feedback from each other so everyone can improve together! Click on the link to sign up kay? :)



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