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Sponsored Video: SK-II Choose Your Skin’s Destiny

Are you in control of your skin’s future? Can you choose the future of your skin? 

If you ask me what’s the Number 1 tip that I would give the teenage me, it would be: “Apply SUNBLOCK!” I’m just flabbergasted to imagine all the school camps and sports days that I had gone without sunblock.

And what would the future 30 year-old me tell myself now?

When it comes to the human body, the choices we make in life can have a lasting effect. The decision to use the right beauty products is not just to have beautiful skin for tomorrow or the day after, but to prepare our skin for the natural process of ageing for many years to come. Give it the best ingredients to slow down that process, and to maintain it at its most youthful state.

“Since SK-II introduced Facial Treatment Essence over 30 years ago, we have believed in every woman’s right to beautiful, crystal clear skin. We have also believed that it is possible to take control of your skin future. Now, with SK-II’s groundbreaking Skin Future Study, we have made some illuminating discoveries. “


SK-II Facial treatment essence

SK-II’s Skin Destiny Study looked at almost 300 women over a course of 10, 20 or even 30 years of using the Facial Treatment Essence, and the results are stunning. Most of the women’s Skin Age are not even close to their actual age in terms of  Texture, Radiance, Firmness, Spot Control and Wrinkle Resilience!

Watch the video. No matter if you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, there’s still time. But time is ticking, and the most youthful you’ll ever be, is today.

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FacebookSK-II WebsiteYouTube | SK-II Skin Destiny Study

(Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by SK-II, but all thoughts are my own.)


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