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Beautybox Review: Glamabox July 2014

Glamabox review

Yay! I’ve been receiving Glamabox for a few months now, and it never ceases to surprise me with all the amazing beauty goodies! I know I’m late in sharing this post with you all, but I’ve been SOOO busy with work and BearyNaise. New website that incorporates the shop is coming up, and I’ve been working on the individual pages, and even a craft blog that’s housed under the same website! It’s going to be exciting with a new launch, and I’m so excited to share that with you guys in a later post!

For now, I really want to share about Glamabox! :D

Glamabox review

OMG? When I first opened the box, I was taken aback by the amount of beauty products inside, filled to the brim! It’s too good to be true. There are several very interesting products that blew my mind, and I think you will too if you’d just continue reading!

Let’s start!

Glamabox review

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo & Effaclar Mat (retail size at $68 and $40)

 Not a stranger brand to us – as it is readily available in Watson’s and Guardian – but if you haven’t noticed, they aren’t exactly as cheap! Quite a few people I know swear by their sunblock. But these two darlings here sound kinda legendary!

Effaclar Duo: Clinically proven studies have shown its ability to reduce pimple’s redness in just 24 hours, and reduce the pimple’s diameter and volume in just 4 days.

Effaclar Mat: It effectively inhibits sebum production to give anti-shine and anti-enlarged pores. There are absorbent micro-spheres and perlite to create instant and lasting matti-fying effect for up to 8 hours! Oil-free texture, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, AND paraben-free! Works great as a makeup base.

Glamabox review

Purer Skin Miracle Serum (retail size at $99)

This product was going wild some time back with many bloggers sharing their reviews on it. I’m so glad to get my hands on this ‘Miracle Serum’! Now we all know that Bird’s Nest is a health tonic from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) viewpoint, and its benefits are plentiful. Children can consume it as a supplement – it’s high in proteins, amino acids and minerals – for healthy development. Seniors can take it to maintain their health, ease chronic dry cough, speed up recovery from illness. Men and women can boost their immunity, and best of all, maintain youth and beauty!

FINALLY, someone has used it as a main ingredient in a beauty product (although it does seem like quite a waste of its other benefits). But fret not, this miracle serum promises to sweep away dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles to give a younger and firmer effect in just 7 days!

Glamabox review

MÍOGGÍ (whole set retail price $299)

Founded in 2000 by Min Jung Hwan, MÍOGGÍ in Korean means ‘Beauty of the skin”. Combining traditional Korean herbal extracts and the most advanced technology, they have produced a variety of high-performance skin care products to provide a spa experience and beauty results.

White Genion Total Radiance Serum: A ground-breaking concentrate to rediscover skin brightness, help prevent and fade existing age spots, lift sagging contour and smooth wrinkles.

White Genion Cell Nutrient Enhancer: This super hydrating and anti-ageing cream can uplift and revitalise skin, whilst effectively repairing damaged skin cells.

Hex Perfector Illuminating Magic BB: Provides radiant and transparent skin as well as improves skin problems such as laxity and fine lines.

Hex Magic Foremilk Cleansing Powder: Helps skin to regain perfection by effectively strengthening the skin’s immune system, removing impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Advanced Definite Renewal Overnight Program: Provides the supplements to strengthen skin structural components, promotes cellular repair, boosts skin metabolism, and quenches skin with moisture and nutrients while asleep.

Sounds pretty amazing right!

Glamabox review

Abeeco Anti-Ageing Creme + Royal Eye Creme + Bee Venom Mask (Retail size at $50, $74 and $97)

This whole range of beauty products focuses on Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey for their healing properties. However, the most interesting part would be the BEE VENOM mask. Sounds really scary, but there are already some products out there that uses bee venom! Apparently, application of bee venom on the skin can cause a rush of blood to the area and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Hmm… do you dare to try?

Glamabox review

Filare Collagen Filato Fabric Ball (10pcs at $49)

 If you ask me, I think this is the most incredible beauty product in the July Glamabox.

Using patented technology, Filare has condensed natural collagen to a physical “fabric ball”! Using the special hyaluronic acid serum to dissolve the “fabric ball”, the resulting gel forms a shield to prevent water loss and reduce fine lines when applied on the face. Suitable for all skin types, although recommended for dry and mature skin.

Glamabox review

ISA Workshop and SNAILWHITE Maskshot (5pcs at $29 and $62)

I really love it that there will be at least a mask in every Glamabox (at least for the ones that I’ve received!), and in this one, there are two! Masks are also the first ones that I’ll sample. Haha.

ISA Workshop French Spring Water Hydrating Essence Face Mask: This unique treatment provides skin with all the benefits of a thermal spring at home!

Snailwhite maskshot: Ceramide in a paper mask to tackle the 4 most common skin issues – wrinkles, roughness, sensitive and dryness.


Don’t you agree that there are a lot of products in Glamabox? Haha I feel so pampered and overwhelmed!

Thank you Glamabox!



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