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Hear Every Beat Part 2: Gavio Chord Clef Headphone in Disco Purple

Gavio purple headphone girl

Hello everyone! I’m back with part 2 of the Gavio series, featuring Gavio’s stylish audio accessories. Read Part 1 here. In this post, I’m wearing the Chord Clef in Disco Purple. There were other colours – like Pink, White and Black – to choose from, but I fell in love with the purple one the moment I set my eyes on it!

Continuing from the Part 1, I want to share more on the features of the Chord Clef and Chord Note headphones from Gavio. I’m seriously loving both the headphones!

Gavio Chord Clef headphone in disco purple Gavio Chord Clef headphone in disco purple

Round ear cushions vs Rectangular ear cushions

Both are similar in terms of quality and packaging, but in a different shape – CC’s ear cushions are round and CN’s are rectangular – and that alone, I feel, appeals to different crowds. See CN here.

Beautiful Tin Can Packaging

Both come in a special tin can packaging instead of hard plastic wrappers, and I think that makes it a great gift! I love how I can reuse the tin can after unboxing, plus it is friendlier to the environment that way too.

Lightweight and Fully Collapsable construction

It is not as bulky as other headphones out there, and it comes with a small black pouch that I can bring it around with ease. My bag is heavy enough on its own, so thankfully it is light!!

In-Built HD microphone

Although it’s weird to use it to pick up calls, it is possible to do so if you are listening to songs and have to pick up a call on the go without removing your headphones. This feature is good for gamers as well!

Gavio Chord Clef headphone in disco purple

Plug in and Share your music~!

Not only that, another feature that I’m loving of both Chord Clef and Chord Note is the SHARING JACK function! It’s the most awesomest thing! Now Hammy and I don’t need to split and share one earpiece anymore when we are listening to music or watching a movie on the computer. All we have to do is to plug one end of the cable to the sharing jack of one of the headphones, and we both get a headphone to use for our comfort and enjoyment! Hehehe!

The Perfect Pitch with Acoustic Comfort

Quality-wise, the chord clef provides some noise cancelling and a comfortable acoustic sound experience. It is clear, well-rounded and gentle on the ears. This is very important as my ears are quite sensitive to jarring beats. Click here if you want to find out more about its technical specifications! :)

Gavio purple headphone girlGavio purple headphone girlGavio purple headphone girl

Thank you Gavio for the lovely gifts!

But I’m not done yet! Stay tune for the last part of the this 3-part series, in which I will showcase the Metallon Zinc earphones okay! :)



Gavio headphones review

Gavio Chord Clef is retailing at $49.90 at:

Gavio Flagship Store
Wheelock Place

HMV Singapore Pte Ltd
Marina Square

IT IS Pte Ltd
Marina Square

Million Tech Pte Ltd
Sim Lim Square

DYDX Pte Ltd

Action City

Digital Style
Jurong Point

@Bras Basah

@Causeway point


@White Sand

Alternatively, SHOP ONLINE at:



Lastly, you have to check out Gavio on Facebook!


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