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Listening to My Body – I lost my voice!! (Post + Giveaway for readers)

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Goodness… The haze is back! It is still quite unbelievable that this disaster is man-made and preventable, yet humans are just bent on harming others and the environment for their own benefits. It’s infuriating because for haze, that burnt smell and toxic particles are in every cubic metre of the air, and the only place for me to hide is indoors. ;(

The worst thing is that I just recovered from a minor cold two weeks back, and NOW I’m down with a more serious case of super sore throat and irritated airway. My voice is so raspy, and it hurts so much when I try to talk, or even when I’m not talking. Plus the itchiness makes me cough, then when I cough, it hurts so much as though my throat is being ripped at.

I wish I can say “It’s all the haze’s fault lah!”, but I know I only have myself to blame… for not listening to my body!

Was already feeling under-the-weather two weeks ago…

You see, I didn’t see a doctor for the minor cold two weeks back, and only pumped lots of Vitamin C supplements and water, got more rest, in hope to get well on my own. I also took only porridge or noodles (soupy , NON-spicy, and NON-fried), so that my not-so-bad sore throat can heal. For that one whole week, I didn’t have hard foods, not even rice, so swallowing is easier. And it worked!

I got better, and although my throat’s wellness was borderline, I felt well enough to eat rice and some fried food (Fillet-O-Fish with the shaker fries!)

Could really feel that the throat was borderline, like just a tiny bit itchy some times and totally well at others.

THEN, two days back, my mouth’s turn to be itchy. I went to have ROTI PRATA for supper, along with the delicious mutton curry. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore you know!! Two whole weeks with just plain food, thought I could get away with yummy curry just once…

Man, that was the first big mistake.

After having the spicy curry, my throat also couldn’t hold back anymore, I started getting this weird itchy dry cough that I couldn’t prevent just by drinking water. Even after swallowing my own saliva numerous times, it was not enough to ease the itch.

It might not have been as bad as it is now, but last night, my mouth itchy AGAIN.

Hungry for supper, and the only thing left at home to eat was Maggie Mee CHILLI CRAB flavour. Maggie Mee by itself is already quite bad for an itchy throat, but chilli crab flavour? Kill me now please.

Second big mistake of the week.

(So now you can tell that my gluttony is really not doing me any good!)

So yes… I’ve officially lost my voice because my throat is sooo sore and dry. I can’t talk, can’t eat the foods I love (shaker fries… cakes… sobs…), and have to suffer the pain. All because I didn’t listen to my body when it was telling me: “Hello~ throat a bit itchy already uh. Please resume plain foods, drink more water and take your vitamin C~~”

Me: “Hmm.. Just once, nevermind lah..? :)))”

Body: “Send you warning already don’t listen, see lah! Give you one time good good!”


No choice, this time really must go see a doctor because it is really unbearable. Plus the haze just makes it worse (finding chance to blame the haze again…). Haha. Aiya I only have my itchy mouth to blame!



Brand's Essence of Chicken Giveaway | Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Update: After writing this post, went to see a doctor before lunch, then fell even more ill after lunch. Fever went up to 39.3 C, I was so afraid that it was dengue cuz I was bitten a few days ago, but thankfully not! Was shivering from cold even with blanket. It may sound dramatic but my whole body ached so much and I was so weak that I didn’t have energy to walk to the bathroom, so Hammy carried me a couple of times. Measured my temperature every half hour, fed me plain water or honey lemon water (that he concocted) each time I came out from the bathroom.

Instagram @ohmytianss

He also cooked a nourishing soup with brown rice for dinner, so I had energy to fight my fever! I’m so thankful to have him… :’) It was so so so delicious that I had two bowls of soup.

It’s the next day now, and I’m now feeling much better! But because I didn’t listen to the initial warning signs from my body, I fell so ill that I had to cancel my appointments for the day, and spend the whole day to recuperate… And Hammy also had to spend time taking care of me, cooking a healthy and appetising dinner etc..

If I could turn back time, I probably would have resisted the Roti Prata and Chilli Crab maggie mee (and ate something else, like soft bread?)… and would have taken my Vitamin C supplements religiously to avoid all that suffering!!


I hope you are not like me! It’s time for you to remember to stay healthy as well! Especially when the weather gets hotter, stay hydrated, well-rested and well-nourished so you will not succumb to horrid colds and flus!

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It happens to me so often – the situation where I know that I’m going to get a sore throat, yet I just want to test limits by having some spicy (yet delicious) food. Haha this has to stop!

Otherwise my body will only suffer due to my own ill decisions.

Does this happen to you too? Do you like to test limits like me? I hope not. Haha share tips on how you listen to your body, and choose to take steps to nurse your body back to tip-top health, and win Brand’s Essence of Chicken products!


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