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Sponsored Video: Coca-Cola® The Happiest Thank You – Singapore

Another thought-provoking video by Coca-Cola! I still remember the one where they honoured Singapore’s migrant worker community by delivering more than 2500 thank you messages and cans of Coca-Cola not long ago, and this time, they are bringing across another simple, yet heart-warming message.

“The Happiest Thank You”

We say ‘thank you’ so many times in a day; to the barrister serving your favourite coffee, to the office aunty who sweeps your work area daily, to the hawker uncle whipping up your charkwayteow.

There are some people whom we actually cross paths and interact with every day, yet we do not know who they are as a person. Heck, we don’t even know their names! Yet, day after day, they have helped you or made your life easier in some way or another.

Being in the service line myself, I literally get a surprise when customers ask for my name, stare at my tag trying to get my name, and say, “Thank you very much, Zoe!” It warms my heart and makes me break into a smile.

I thank many people in a day, yet do not realise that such a small additional gesture can make a whole lot of difference. After watching the video, I will sure make the extra effort to personalise my ‘thanks’ now!

What about you? Have you been thanked with your name before and how did you feel? :)

For more inspiring videos, please visit Coca-Cola Youtube Channel.

(This post has been sponsored by Coca Cola but all thoughts are my own)


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