1. Kelly Yong

    Hi babe,

    Thanks for the tips! I had so much trouble buying from Taobao and had to request for refund and it took so long to process the refund. This post is amazing!

    However, I’m still not too sure on picking the warehouse. Are the warehouse options automatically given by 65Daigou and the same warehouse location is to be selected for each item that I want to purchase?


    • Zoe

      Hi Kelly!

      Regarding the warehouse choice, when you enter the product URL, 65daigou usually will state which warehouse is nearer to the seller, so you can choose accordingly :) choosing a nearer warehouse will sometimes save you some domestic shipping fees and delivery might be quicker. If you’re buying a few items from different sellers
      , it may be better to choose the warehouse that is nearer to majority of your sellers so you can consolidate your purchases in one warehouse then ship them together to Singapore.
      Hope this helps! :)
      Thank you for your kind words, hope you get your purchases smoothly! :)

  2. Hi I am currently trying to shop on TaoBao too, its like just shopper’s haven. I was trying to figure out the shipping thing as well and I chanced upon your article. But for the shipping now there is this 淘宝直送 Taobao Global Direct Shipping method which seems to be much cheaper when shipping giant things. I am trying to ship some humongous 2m bear to sg and apparently they only charge 39 yuan for overseas shipping?? Im super confused, have you tried this Direct Shipping thing? How does it work?

    • Zoe

      Hey Albert, for direct forwarding I’ve only tried to ship several small items from different shops, but not yet a large item! Perhaps u can share the link here and I’ll help to see if I can figure it out too? Haha

  3. Actually, you don’t need to pay 10 times for 10 sellers on taobao direct. just add all into the cart, select everything then pay. or submit order first, then go to your orders page and select to combine payment (within 3 days)

  4. Julie

    It’s better you use taobao direct shipping…honestly I use all..65dg sucks and it’s not cheap if you compare it properly thru taobao shipping…there are a lot misleading info in 65dg..and the app sucks too..It takes days to reply my msg ..I was so frust talking to them..

    • Zoe

      That’s unfortunate to hear! But so far I have not encountered the problems that you listed when using 65Daigou… phew, hope I will not face them ever! Thanks for sharing :)

      • Gr33dyblackie

        i usr 65DG and so far so good. i do agree its shipping isnt the cheapest. but at least it hassle free. and treat it as the value added service. =) after all your time is worth more than the extra. not to mentioned the collections options are many. and convenience. =)

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