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Local and Handmade #1: Abella Couture & Accessories

Hi guys! This is the first of my new Local and Handmade blogseries, where I will be sharing various inspiring, interesting, and local enterprises where you can get unique products usually with a personal touch. If you guys didn’t know, I am totally into the handmade factor. I love how specially crafted items, or gifts, possess the unique quality and character that factory-made products lack.

I’ve always wanted to start a blogseries like this, to do my small part to help small businesses reach out to more potential customers. If you’re in the local handmade community, and are looking to post a shoutout to the blogosphere, do not hesitate to contact me at mypeaceofheaven [at] gmail [dot] com!

In this first instalment, I would like to introduce Abella Couture & Accessories, where you can find cute animal-inspired fabric phone cases, tote bags, and accessories.

Local and Handmade

Abella Couture and accessories | Singapore Handmade iphone covers

Besides spreading the message of love for animals via animal-inspired products, Abella Couture has also pledged 30% of their profits to several non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing animals! I had the honour of a short interview with the owner, Averyl Chow, to get insights on what drives the business, its aims and contributions to the local animal welfare community.


Being an animal lover herself, Averyl has in her care three adorable furry bunnies!

Abella Couture & Accessories | Singapore handmade store

What inspired you to start your own craft business?

I love animals and I want to do something for them. The reason I founded Abella Couture & Accessories is to let people aware of animal cruelty as well as animal adoption. We make products to raise funds to help abandoned animals and non-profit organizations. 

What are the organisations that you work with to support your cause?

The number of abandoned animals in Singapore is rising and the non-profit organizations need funds to continue their work. Some organizations are private funded and they are having a hard time when it comes to medical bills.

The main organization we worked with is Bunny Wonderland SGBesides donating to them, I also helped them do photography and videography to help them raise funds. We also donate to House Rabbit Society, Cat Welfare Society, and Causes for Animals SG. However, in the future, we will revise our list and donate to the individuals or societies who are private funded instead.
Abella Couture & Accessories | Singapore handmade phone cases
Our products include: iPhone cases, handmade Samsung cases, animal tote bags, card holders, pencil case pencil roll, coasters, and more! All our products are handmade and contains no fur, no skin, nor leather. – Abella couture & Accessories

Is there a special theme or meaning behind your craft projects?

It’s all about animals! Our products are mostly fabric based and we specially choose our animal-pattern fabric. 
We think that carrying a product with an an animal theme will make us realize how wonderful animals are and they shouldn’t be abandoned. Once you own them, they are yours forever.

Are there any plans to expand your shop’s variety of products?

We are thinking to include customization in our products. For example, adding a pet’s name on our tote bags. Our customers can send us a picture of their pet and we help them to print on fabric and create a customised product (phone case or tote bag).

What is the ONE final message you hope to send out there and let everyone know about your cause?

“I believe every pet deserves a home.”

We hope that when you buy a product from us, you will remember this message and remember your purpose of helping the animals. We truly thank you.


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Abella Couture & Accessories | Singapore handmade phone cases

Do check out their handmade phone cases, tote bags and other products on these following platforms!



Carousell: @abella_couture


Twitter & Instagram: @abella_couture


That’s all folks! Would like to bring you another episode of Local and Handmade soon! :)


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